Enabling Utilities to Accelerate Customer Enrollment in Clean Energy by Closing the Communication Gap

Powering tomorrow, today. At powerconnect.ai, we don’t just adapt to the future – we shape it. Bringing clean energy closer, one innovative step at a time.”

— Steven Dawson

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — As utilities race against the clock to meet clean energy goals, some of which are set for as soon as 2030, powerconnect.ai proudly presents a game-changing solution. The company has introduced the first-of-its-kind self-service and agent-assistant web app widget. This innovative SaaS solution seamlessly integrates with any CRM/CIS/Billing platform, avoiding operational disruptions by eliminating the need to replace the existing tech stack.

As a plug and play solution, powerconnect.ai can be implemented within weeks. Utilities will benefit from expedited implementation, reducing time-to-value and ensuring a smoother transition.

“In today’s rapidly changing energy landscape, we recognized a gap. It was not just about rolling out another tech tool, but reshaping the way a business interacts with their customers using innovative AI. At powerconnect.ai, we are driven by a clear vision to simplify and expedite the connection between utilities and their customers. Our mission is to make programs such as clean energy more approachable and accelerate the signup process, all thanks to the streamlined workflow automation within powerconnect.ai,” said Steven Dawson, Founder & CEO, powerconnect.ai.

powerconnect.ai provides an AI-powered advisor to enhance customer interaction by creating content that turns complex topics into personalized messaging. Seamless integration with company-preferred communication channels enables utility companies to reduce their costs to serve and elevate their contact center skills.

Nune Isabekyan, Founder and CTO explained “By deploying specialized AI models alongside Generative AI, we are setting a new standard in customer support for Clean Energy programs. Our approach goes beyond simple data processing, transforming vast amounts of information into a rich, actionable toolkit for our agents, and delivering personalized, accurate information straight to our customers. Intelligently leveraging these technologies, we are breaking down barriers and demystifying Clean Energy and making its benefits more accessible than ever before.”

Contact info@powerconnect.ai for a first-look demonstration into the future of reshaping the Customer Experience.

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powerconnect.ai is at the forefront of transforming customer service experiences in the tech industry. By integrating cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of current market demands, the company is setting new standards in efficiency and adaptability. Their latest offering further cements their position as pioneers in the field, promising a future where technology enhances human interaction rather than replacing it.

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