Premium Mixology Brand Adds Lewis Bag and Ice Hammer to Renowned Barware Lineup

A Bar Above

Ice Hammer From A Bar Above

Beechwood Hammer and Lewis Bag

A Bar Above Announces Launch of New Premium Bar Tools

A Bar Above’s mission is to give mixologists the tools that will make it easier and more enjoyable for them to explore their craft for the long term.”

— Chris Tunstall, Mixology Expert and Co-Founder of A Bar Above

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2023 / — Premium mixology brand A Bar Above is adding two exciting new additions to its roster of professional-grade bar tools. The brand, which offers stylish and durable cocktail kits that provide mixologists with everything they need to craft classic cocktails, is introducing its new Lewis bag and ice hammer. Used for such iconic drinks as Mai Tais, Mint Juleps, and Mojitos, these tools eliminate the need for bulky and expensive ice machines.

The Lewis bag, which is made of 100% cotton, comes in both a natural color as well as a stylish black, making it stand out from other offerings on the market. Thick and durable, the bag is machine-washable and includes a loop to hang dry. Unlike many other commercially available bags, it holds enough ice for multiple drinks and features a hook-and-loop fastener to keep ice secure when crushing it.

The ice hammer is a versatile tool made of solid beechwood with a flat face to ensure smooth crushing. Its chiseled sides allow users to crush ice into larger pieces, maximizing precision to ensure that the ice is the right texture for each particular beverage. The hammer comes with a leather wrist strap that ensures safety while also doubling as a storage hook.

“Having a proper Lewis bag and ice hammer is a real game-changer, both for professional bartenders and home mixology enthusiasts,” says Chris Tunstall, a mixology expert and the co-founder of A Bar Above. “They are much less expensive than ice machines and do not take up as much space, making it easier for you to keep your working area clean and orderly. Plus, they allow for a much higher degree of precision and control when crushing ice.”

A Bar Above’s Lewis bag and hammer aim to address a common set of problems experienced by professional and at-home mixologists alike. Commercial Lewis bags are often small, containing only enough ice for one drink at a time. Moreover, thin material and drawstring openings lead to leakage, creating messes and hazards. A Bar Above’s bag prioritizes durability to allow for repeated use and is a perfect size for entertaining multiple guests.

Many commercial ice hammers are uncomfortable to hold and inefficient at crushing ice due to a lack of sufficient weight. Also, these hammers often do not come with wrist straps, which can pose a safety hazard for users. The new ice hammer from A Bar Above addresses these common limitations and is ergonomically designed for both large and small hands while remaining durable and aesthetically pleasing.

“Having worked in the mixology industry for over 15 years has taught me the immense importance of having the right tools,” says Tunstall. “Technique is obviously important, but, if you lack high-quality tools, you will likely find yourself having to continually re-buy inferior products, which can even put yourself at risk. A Bar Above’s mission is to give mixologists the tools that will make it easier and more enjoyable for them to explore their craft for the long term.”

Properly crushing ice is essential to improving both the flavor and texture of a wide variety of drinks. Smoothly crushed ice adds a pleasant, slushie-like consistency to drinks and prevents the flavor of the spirit from overpowering the other ingredients in the drink. This results in a perfectly cold, perfectly balanced beverage that engages all of the senses at once.

An essential part of any serious mixology enthusiast’s bar setup, the Lewis bag and Beechwood Hammer will be available on A Bar Above’s website on November 10th and Amazon on November 24th. The price starts at $49.99 for the set, making them the perfect gift for mixology enthusiasts at all levels of skill and experience. With their best-in-class quality, durability, and safety, these tools are sure to become an essential component of any cocktail lover’s repertoire.

About A Bar Above

Co-founded by seasoned mixology expert Chris Tunstall, A Bar Above has crafted professional-grade barware that can turn any home bar, regardless of size, into a top-of-the-line cocktail emporium. A family-run business, A Bar Above’s products are wallet-friendly, durable, and stylishly designed, making them a must-have for any home or professional bar.

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