William D. Wagner, PhD, MS, FAHA

“We are thrilled to highlight William D. Wagner with this award.” ~Aurora DeRose

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 17, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Spotlighting the best in business innovation for 2023, the Prime Award has been given to William D. Wagner, President of Muscadine Naturals, for superior business innovation in the all-natural dietary supplements industry in 2023.

The award spotlights the best business innovators in different categories to encourage the ongoing need for innovation in the increasingly complex modern world.

“We are thrilled to highlight William D. Wagner with this award,” said Prime Managing Director Aurora DeRose.

“Innovation is at the heart of entrepreneurship. All aspiring business owners should understand what innovation is, why it’s important, and how they can take advantage of it in their own businesses,” said DeRose.

Howard Schultz, chairman and chief executive of Starbucks for over 20 years, describes Innovation: “Innovation must be disruptive. And by disruptive, I mean disruptive. You got to fracture and break the rules and disrupt.”

Wagner boasts an impressive career spanning over 40 years, with a dedicated focus on research related to heart and artery diseases, tissue regeneration – including nerve regeneration – and an extensive 15-year exploration of potential therapeutics derived from Muscadine grapes. Wagner’s illustrious scientific journey has earned him membership in several prestigious scientific societies, including the esteemed Fellow of the American Heart Association designation.

Wagner’s collaborative spirit shines through in his ongoing partnerships with critical investigators at various institutions. Together, they delve into the profound effects of Muscadine polyphenolics on various health issues. As a multidisciplinary research scientist, Wagner’s expertise spans cardiovascular disease, nutrition, and chronic wounds.

Throughout his career, Wagner’s unwavering passion, boundless desire, and unyielding motivation have driven him to seek a deeper understanding of health issues and clinical challenges. His innovative approach and commitment to his life’s work have led to transformative contributions to the field, making him a distinguished figure in scientific research and healthcare. His mission has been dedicated to improving health and addressing clinical problems in novel and impactful ways. For more information about Muscadine Naturals, visit their website.

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