Tasigo Hotels Eskişehir

Tasigo Hotels Eskişehir

TASIGO Eskişehir holds the philosophy that “Nature is our home, and protecting natural life is a shared responsibility”.

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Green Globe recently recertifed Tasigo Hotels Eskişehir in Turkey for a third year. Located within walking distance of Odunpazarı, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the five-star Tasigo Eskişehir embodies both elegant comfort and sustainable luxury.

Current sustainability practices involve optimizing use of resources, increasing recycling measures and waste segmentation, ensuring correct disposal of waste, managing CO2 emissions, improving efficiency, reducing waste, offering healthy and natural food options, providing more support to local businesses and organizations, and creating employment opportunities.

TASIGO Eskişehir has attained LEED Gold certification, which is awarded to environmentally friendly buildings displaying leadership in resource conservation and environmental design. To obtain this certificate, the hotel was evaluated on criteria such as sustainable land management, water efficiency, energy consumption, use of materials and resources, innovation and the quality of indoor life.

TASIGO Eskişehir holds the philosophy that “Nature is our home, and protecting natural life is a shared responsibility”. The hotel’s Stay in Harmony program is testament to a commitment toward a harmonious coexistence with nature and the surrounding environment. TASIGO Eskişehir is devoted to preserving natural resources as well as local ecosystems, eco-friendly practices and contributing toward a better model of hospitality without compromising the quality of services. Practical steps are taken every day toward advancing its sustainable operations.

Water and Energy Conservation

The hotel believes that a modern and genuine sense of comfort can be achieved without being wasteful. Efforts are made to minimize energy and water usage including utilization of a centrally controlled automation system for lighting and air conditioning which reduces carbon emissions. With the current energy saving system, electricity consumption has been reduced by 44%. To optimize water usage in guestrooms and the hotel’s kitchens and laundry, low flow restrictors and aerators have been installed on taps and shower heads. In addition, by reducing the size of towels by 15%, water and energy usage was reduced in the laundry.

Eco-friendly Products and Amenities

Tasigo Hotels Eskişehir is committed to purchasing environmentally and socially responsible products. Its Green Purchasing Policy supports the procurement of recycled and eco-friendly products to minimize environmental impacts. FSC certified paper products are preferred to ensure that trees cut down are replaced with new saplings which contributes toward conservation of forests and plays a crucial role in stabilizing the world’s climate. Most cleaning products used by the housekeeping department and in the kitchen are EU Flower certified, a label developed by the European Union to identify environmentally friendly products that comply with ecological criteria. Furthermore, environmentally friendly amenities are provided in eco baskets that await guests in their rooms in place of petroleum-based chemical products that can be harmful for people’s health and the environment.

Reducing Environmental Impacts

The hotel works on the principle of “save more and waste less.” Across all its operations, staff work toward effectively reducing the property’s carbon footprint. Sustainability initiatives dealing with a wide variety of issues are carried out each year including education and cultural awareness campaigns, better waste management, green ways to meet guest satisfaction, more efficient operations, and improved health and safety measures and workflows.

Today’s sustainable offices consist of workplaces that prioritize high productivity and the responsible use of materials. The hotel aims to reduce its ecological footprint by limiting use of paper documents, office materials and equipment. The possibility of working with colleagues in a green work setting has led to the creation of sustainable Green Meeting packages for guests which offers sustainable alternatives for all materials and processes related to planning meetings as well as transportation, and food and beverage services.

Industrial agriculture creates a much larger carbon footprint compared to traditional production methods. For this reason, locally sourced natural and fresh ingredients are offered to guests as healthy alternatives in restaurants. Furthermore, to prevent waste materials ending up as landfill, organic kitchen waste as well as grass and leaves collected from gardens are composted.

Plastic bottles, which can take over 400 years to decompose in nature constitutes the largest component of plastic pollution found in oceans and seas. To combat plastic waste, complimentary plastic bottles in guest rooms have been replaced with glass bottles, which can be refilled from water dispensers found in public areas within the premises and staff areas. In addition, waste sorting bins are located around the hotel to separate glass, paper, metal and plastic materials which can be recycled and reused.

Equality in the Workplace

Sincerity, honesty and appreciation are at the foundation of the hotel’s HR approach. The rights and diversity of employees are respected and recruitment based on equality of opportunity and merit, regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation and sect. Likewise salaries are equitable ensuring employees are motivated and satisfied.


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