QA Testing Courses in 2023

Test Pro QA Course

Test Pro QA Course

QA training with Test Pro

QA training with Test Pro

Beginner-focused software testing course programs for a global audience with a focus on developing a professional career.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2023/ — Los Angeles-based software company Test Pro is offering beginner-focused software testing course programs for a global audience with a focus on developing a professional career regardless of the existing background in the field any of the students might have.

QA training for those interested refers to “Quality Assurance” a methodology and systematic process used in software development to ensure that the software in question operates as intended and without any unexpected malfunctions or bugs. QA Testing can be seen as a similar process to traditional Quality Control in other fields, as it first and foremost focuses on making sure the product works perfectly and presents no issue for the final consumer; whether that consumer is a client or someone in the company itself.

However where QC practices focus on real-life testing and physical products, QA testing relies on software and the digital landscape, and that’s why Test Pro can offer a testing course online for the field.

Test Pro’s courses come in two main versions, and while the company stresses that they are both apt for complete beginners in the software field, we’ll go deeper into what each one offers and how they differ from each other and their competition.

The first of their QA courses is what the company refers to as their “Software QA Bootcamp”, designed to “start a career in just 3 months”. The boot camp is a 9-week commitment that aims to allow students to apply and have a real chance of getting hired in the field regardless of their previous QA experience, or any coding experience according to Test Pro.

The online 9-week course starts from the basics of QA testing to let anybody get acquainted with the field regardless of their existing background, and the company states that as long as the participant has a PC and internet they can apply. Another considerable difference compared to other courses in the field is the focus Test Pro gives on real-life experience. The company makes it clear from its landing page that connecting students with a job is a priority for the courses, a feat that is backed by their focus on real projects. All students on the course will get the chance to work on real projects in a QA role, which is intended to help them build a real portfolio from the boot camp itself and help build their curriculum well before they get their first job.

Additionally Test Pro also offers an SDET Bootcamp for individuals who want a more in-depth approach to the world of Quality Assurance. SDET stands for Software Development Engineer in Test and represents a different approach to the traditional Quality Assurance process. Where manual QA testers are expected to only partake in the testing aspect itself, SDETs take place in the actual development process itself.

While the responsibilities of an SDET are as such considerably larger, the deeper integration of the workflow results in faster results for the company, a fact that has made many companies transition from standard QA practices into SDET ones. For Test Pro SDET is an important opportunity in the current job market, however despite the attached responsibilities their boot camp is designed tobe completely beginner-friendly just like their standard QA offering. So anybody interested in either of the programs can research more at the Test Pro website today regardless of their skill level.

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