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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Recently, Quick Angel Home in Care Group has unveils its AI solutions for a dignified aging process. Dr. Zhang Lijun, founder of Quick Angel Home in Care Group, made a speech at the event – ‘The Future is Now – The Rise of the New Human and Our Choices’, which isn’t just about showcasing the forefront of generative AI – it’s about painting a vision of an emerging era of intelligence.

Thirty years ago, Dr. Zhang Lijun was present at the dawn of China’s internet industry, embarking on an entrepreneurial journey filled with both excitement and apprehension. As the founder of the V1 Group and China Mobile Game Group, he bore witness to the birth of China’s first publicly traded internet video company and the first mobile gaming company listed on NASDAQ. That journey, rife with both challenges and triumphs, underscored the profound impact of technological innovation on human existence.

The Rise of AI: Beyond Concepts to Reality
The recently concluded GenAI Summit 2024 reignited that familiar thrill. Generative AI technologies on display have moved past the realm of tepid concepts and speculative financial tools. They now possess the potential to recast the trajectory of human civilization. Clearly, people stand at a historical crossroads – a fleeting moment when the future brushes past without saying goodbye.

Seizing the Future: A New Paradigm of Adaptation
“The image above is the AI’s understanding of the services provided by Quick Angel Home in Care Group, with generated images showcasing different scenarios of home in care services. The entire process was completed in less than one minute. The swiftness of technological advancement instills a profound sense of urgency. The future is upon us, and it won’t linger for the stagnant. To evade obsolescence, I am delving into the secrets of AI, eager to embrace the opportunities it portends. The ‘new human’ of the future will not be defined by chronological age but by the ability to harness the future, plunging into the tide of technological innovation”, said Dr. Zhang Lijun.

Homo Novus: Evolution and Transformation
Reflecting on the summit, it was apparent that a new breed of exhibitors and speakers are at the fore – the old guard now confronts a tech landscape that is evolving more rapidly and a competitive landscape that is fiercer than ever. Human cannot afford to lag, for a new breed of humanity – Homo Novus – is ascending and setting the direction for the future.

Dr. Zhang Lijun said, “As part of the Stanford University School of Medicine’s research into life well-being, I am acutely aware that our mission extends beyond enhancing worldwide health – it encompasses contemplating the profound societal ramifications of technological revolutions. Given that societies are aging, what implications might such tumultuous tech shifts have on the well-being of the elderly? Will the collision of old age and new tech culminate in a narrative molded by AI, becoming the final chapter for every senior?”

Revelations and Reflections: Inclusion in the Future
The GenAI Summit 2024 delivered not merely a technological spectacle, but also a profound insight into the future. As people once courageously stepped onto the path of internet entrepreneurship, so too must people now confront the AI era with equal boldness and resolve. Human must continuously learn, adapt, and innovate to stay ahead in the surging wave of new technology.

For the elderly, in particular, pursuing a dignified aging process must involve AI as a companion. More than just offering intelligent, personalized healthcare, AI can enhance the quality of life for seniors through smart homes and companion robots, actualizing a genuinely fulfilling golden age.

“The future has arrived, rushing towards us at breakneck speed. All, irrespective of age, gender, or rank, must meet this change with openness and positivity to become part of what’s to come. The emergence of Homo Novus signifies the dawn of a new survival ethos, prompting human to ponder – are we prepared? With firm conviction and tireless endeavor, we should strive to both grasp and contribute to the grand narrative of technological innovation. The race into the future has already begun – are you, too, willing to be counted among its participants?” addressed by Dr. Zhang Lijun.

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