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Vectara’s GenAI platform helps provide a quick path to product knowledge delivered with tone and context.

Our partnership with Vectara underscores our vision to bring more value to Qumulo customers. This is the first of many Gen AI value-added features Qumulo will bring to the market for our customers.”

— Daniel Chee, Qumulo’s Director of Engineering

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 6, 2024 / — Vectara, the Trusted Generative AI Product Platform, and Qumulo, the provider of the only Scale AnywhereTM unstructured data platform, have announced a significant enhancement to the search functionality across Qumulo’s critical web properties, including the Documentation Portal, Qumulo Care, and its main website, This initiative integrates Vectara’s cutting-edge generative AI technology to improve user access to diverse data resources, which are crucial for sectors like media, healthcare, and education.

Previously reliant on keyword-based searches, Qumulo’s platforms now feature conversational AI capabilities that deliver quick, relevant summaries of technical documents and white papers. This transformative upgrade ensures a seamless and consistent search experience across different content and audience segments.

The decision to collaborate with Vectara arose after evaluating several alternatives and was driven by the need to avoid vendor lock-in and manage scaling costs effectively. Vectara’s flexible API integration and scalable pricing model have made it possible to tailor the search experience without compromising on the backend technology.

“Qumulo has embraced the core value of GenAI by moving from search results to quickly providing credible, accurate, and actionable answers to complex technical questions. As the pioneer of retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and ongoing innovator of the most advanced RAG-as-a-Service platform, Vectara is proud to power Qumulo’s user experience evolution,” said Shawn Clink, Vectara’s Head of Strategic Sales.

Since its soft launch in February 2024, the new search function has rapidly become the second-most-visited page on the Documentation Portal, handling up to 170 queries daily. This enhancement not only boosts user engagement but also aids Qumulo’s team in managing content more effectively by tracking usage patterns and updating the necessary information promptly.

“Integrating Vectara’s technology has allowed us to vastly improve how we connect our users with the information they need,” said Michael Khmelnitsky, Principal Technical Writer at Qumulo. “This is more than an upgrade; it’s a transformation in how we interact with our users, empowering them to make faster, better-informed decisions.”

This development underscores Qumulo’s commitment to using innovative technology to serve its clients better and enhance operational efficiency across its platforms.

“Our partnership with Vectara underscores our vision to bring more value to Qumulo customers via Gen AI technology. This is the first of many Gen AI value-added features Qumulo will bring to the market for our customers,” said Daniel Chee, Qumulo’s Director of Engineering.

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About Vectara

Vectara is an end-to-end platform that empowers product builders to embed powerful Generative AI features into their applications with extraordinary results. Built on a solid hybrid search core, Vectara delivers the shortest path to an answer or action through a safe, secure, and trusted entry point. Vectara is built for product managers and developers with an easily leveraged API that gives full access to the platform’s powerful features. Vectara’s Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) allows businesses to quickly, safely, and affordably integrate best-in-class conversational AI and question-answering into their application. Vectara never trains its models on customer data, allowing businesses to embed generative AI capabilities without the risk of data or privacy violations. To learn more about Vectara, visit

About Qumulo

Qumulo is a leading file data platform that simplifies unstructured data management in the cloud and on-premises. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Qumulo provides scalable solutions for managing massive data stores that hold trillions of files. These solutions are used daily by companies from many industries, such as media and entertainment, healthcare, financial services, life sciences, higher education, and the public sector. Qumulo’s proven platform offers real-time visibility, control, and seamless integration across edge, core, and cloud environments. The company has been recognized for its innovative data management solutions and has a strong customer base, including Fortune 500 companies and major research facilities.

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