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As we expand our services into the healthcare industry, we’re committed to bringing our human-centric, detail-oriented approach to foster meaningful diversity within this vital sector.”

— Herb Courtney II, Renaissance Search and Consulting’s founder

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES , July 27, 2023/ — Renaissance Search and Consulting, a minority-owned search firm, has announced its future plans to expand its recruiting services into the healthcare industry beginning next year. This comes as a part of the firm’s ongoing commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion across multiple sectors.

Based in L.A. but operating globally, they operate across various sectors, including corporate organizations, higher education, college athletics, and professional athletics. The firm’s expansion into the healthcare sector is a strategic move to further facilitate diversity within another vital industry.

“I’m extremely excited about introducing our healthcare vertical. We at Renaissance Search and Consulting understand that diversity is more than just a box to check off. It’s a crucial driving force in creating innovative, adaptable, and resilient organizations. As we expand our services into the healthcare industry, we’re committed to bringing our human-centric, detail-oriented approach to foster meaningful diversity within this vital sector. It’s not about just filling roles—it’s about reshaping the fabric of the industry with a diverse tapestry of talent,” added Herb Courtney II, Renaissance Search and Consulting’s founder.

They work by taking a systematic approach to recruiting that helps organizations fill critical roles with qualified individuals, ensuring that candidates from diverse backgrounds are given an equal opportunity to apply. Providing organizations with a broader pool directly assists in building a more diverse and inclusive force.

Search firms can expedite recruitment and foster long-term employee retention by pinpointing individuals who align with a company’s needs and culture. By targeting these passive candidates, search firms provide an avenue to uncover hidden gems in the talent landscape, expanding the range from which organizations can select. This nuanced approach to recruitment expedites the hiring process and contributes to long-term employee retention, leading to a more stable, engaged workforce.

Renaissance Search and Consulting (RSC) delivers a personalized and detail-oriented approach to each client, emphasizing an understanding of the intricate dynamics unique to every organization. Acknowledging the individuality of each company, RSC employs a bespoke approach during the search process, actively engaging, recruiting, and identifying candidates that harmonize with each organization’s profile. They distinguish themselves by refraining from candidate recycling, relying instead on their far-reaching network across multiple industries to compile an exceptional candidate pool enriched with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

In addition to its recruitment services, RSC extends its partnership to offer workplace consulting. Their team collaborates closely with clients, dedicating in-person time better to understand the organization’s culture and key stakeholders. This engagement facilitates an informed work environment evaluation, enabling the team to devise strategic recommendations. The goal is to assist clients in reimagining and optimizing their workplace, supporting their objectives of attracting, retaining, and fostering talent growth.

Moreover, RSC has established the RSC Career Institute, a virtual career development platform committed to serving the aspirations of career-focused professionals in the corporate sector, higher education, and sports landscape. This platform offers private coaching sessions, empowering individuals to navigate their industry and enhance their career profiles effectively.

For more information, please visit the Renaissance Search and Consulting website.

About Renaissance Search and Consulting

Renaissance Search and Consulting is a minority-owned search firm based in Los Angeles. The firm provides recruitment services across a variety of sectors, with a particular focus on promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Their strategic approach to recruiting connects organizations with a broad range of talent, helping to build more diverse and inclusive environments across various industries.

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