Bôost Liquid Cannabinoid Concentrate

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Bôost Liquid Cannabinoid Concentrate


Kush Queen

Infuse Liquids Or Food With Unflavored Water Compatible Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC

LOS ANGELES , CA, USA, August 14, 2023/ — Kush Queen’s game-changing instant cannabinoid concentrate, Bôost, marks its one year anniversary. Powered by Kush Queen’s innovative Amplifi Nanotechnology, Bôost’s bioavailability and rapid onset of effects are unmatched, giving consumers the ability to instantly infuse anything and elevate their body/mind to new levels.

In 2016, Kush Queen set out to create what seemed impossible: an instant onset liquid THC that was water-based and could be added to nearly anything. Seven years later, the technology behind Bôost has been tested and perfected – it’s discrete, beloved and the infusion possibilities are endless.

Bôost has a 8:1 ratio of 600mg ∆8 THC + 75mg ∆9 THC. The flavorless water-based liquid can be easily added to foods, drinks, lotions, and products that may have other tastes and scents. Kush Queen recommends pairing Bôost with a sweet or sour flavor profile such as fruit juices, honey or sugar to balance the natural taste of hemp.

“Since introducing Bôost to our customers last year, countless daily routines have been transformed,” says Founder and CEO of Kush Queen, Olivia Alexander. “From infusing morning coffees to elevating post-workout smoothies, we have been overwhelmed by the stories of how our customers have been using Bôost to enhance their lives. What I love the most is that Bôost gives you dose control, micro or macro, the choice is yours, depending on your unique needs.”

First time users describe their Bôost experiences as the perfect mocktail enhancer, the best buzz they’ve had in years, hours of mental relaxation and an amazing wellness-minded replacement for traditional consumption methods.

Handmade in California with the highest quality ingredients, Kush Queen products are never tested on animals, and are made without artificial fragrances, dyes, and pH disturbing chemicals. Bôost contains a powerful full-spectrum hemp extract with compliant (less than 0.3%) but elevated levels of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC and should be consumed with caution.

Bôost retails for $49.99 and is available at

About Kush Queen: Since 2015, Kush Queen has been committed to the highest standards and ingredients, innovation and education offering a modern perspective on wellness to the world. Founded by Olivia Alexander and Michael Sawyer, their passion for cannabis shapes the determination to normalize lifestyle and medical usage for everyone. Under Olivia and Michael’s direction, Kush Queen has built a community and catapulted into a multi-million-dollar global company. Kush Queen is distributed to 1000+ accounts in the US, Japan, South Africa and the UK with over 55 hemp and 25 cannabis SKUs. To share the Kush Queen experience, visit and on Instagram @kushqueenshop and @kushqueenco

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