Dexcom CGM integration with SenSights.AI RPM

Dexcom CGM integration with SenSights.AI RPM

SenSights.AI integrates FDA-approved Andesfit and Dexcom’s CGM, along with Veyetals into its comprehensive RPM Platform for streamlined glucose monitoring

We are the only RPM vendor offering all three methods of glucose monitoring and are dedicated to providing accessible, effective care for individuals with chronic conditions”

— Nauman Jaffar, CEO and Founder of SenSights.AI

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2023/ — Amidst the rising challenge of managing over 37 million U.S. residents living with diabetes, advancements in technology such as Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) are empowering individuals with diabetes to lead normal lives. To harness the transformative potential of CGM, SenSights.AI has strategically partnered with Dexcom, a global leader in CGM systems, to optimize diabetes care.

With this revolutionary collaboration, SenSights.AI has seamlessly integrated Dexcom’s CGM sensor (existing developer portal access completed) with Hong Kong-based Andesfit and Canadian-based Smartphone focused Veyetals into its state-of-the-art Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and telehealth platform. This innovation extends beyond glucose monitoring, offering a holistic overview of patients’ health.

Enhancing Diabetes Monitoring with Comprehensive Remote Monitoring

The SenSights.AI platform is a powerful tool that empowers healthcare providers with comprehensive patient health insights. By coupling Dexcom’s CGM data with other biomarkers within the SenSights.AI platform, providers can correlate glucose levels with various health factors, identify trends, potential risks, and devise personalized treatment plans.

Transforming Patient Experience with SenSights.AI

Designed to improve patient outcomes, the SenSights.AI platform offers advanced capabilities in remote patient monitoring. It provides real-time tracking of vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiratory and stress levels, offering personalized care for patients with various chronic conditions.

Further, SenSights.AI is compatible with multiple FDA-approved devices and wearables, including a 4G-powered Fall Detection device, Blood pressure and Weight Scale (means that patients do not need smartphone or internet access at home – almost 47% of adults above 65 years do not have internet access or smartphones based on Phew Research in 2019). It also offers seamless integration with various EMR/EMR providers, facilitating secure and efficient patient data exchange, streamlined workflows, and improved coordination of care.

“By integrating Andesfit, Veyetals, and now Dexcom’s CGM sensor into our platform, we are significantly transforming diabetes care,” says Nauman Jaffar, CEO and Founder of SenSights.AI. “We are the only RPM vendor offering all three methods of glucose monitoring and are dedicated to providing accessible, effective care for individuals with chronic conditions.”

Expanding Glucose Monitoring Beyond Diabetes

In recent years, interest in blood sugar monitoring has surged among non-diabetic individuals. This trend is driven by people with pre-diabetes or those at risk of developing diabetes, along with those focused on weight management and wellness.

No matter the individual’s diabetic status, blood sugar management can inform healthier lifestyle choices. Both Dexcom and SenSights.AI are committed to providing innovative health management tools that empower patients and enhance healthcare providers’ ability to prevent disease progression and improve patient outcomes.

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