Parrilli’s exhibitions are a masterclass in contemporary abstract art.”

— Olivia Simmons, Cultural Critique

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 14, 2023/ — Dellamarie Parrilli, the brilliant contemporary abstract artist, is currently captivating connoisseurs and critics alike with her groundbreaking new work, which can be seen in her two current solo exhibitions. Her exceptional expedition through various creative domains has led to the conception of extraordinary artworks that defy convention and embrace innovation. The artist has created a new way of seeing art, no longer bound by the constraints of two dimensions, her paintings have forged a 3D immersive viewing experience without the use of augmented reality devices or AI.

Dellamarie Parrilli’s exhibitions eloquently embody her endurance and expertise. The artistic odyssey that originated at a tender age has evolved into a manifold masterpiece that transcends traditional thresholds. Parrilli’s remarkable capacity to infuse her creations with the rhythm and dynamism of music and motion, as well as depth and dimension, distinguishes her as an artist with a distinctive dream destined to endure.

Turning to the canvas as an avenue of expression, Parrilli unearthed an inherent talent that resonated profoundly with audiences. Her canvases now articulate triumph over adversity and spiritual profundity, showcasing an unconquerable soul that defies restriction.

Born and bred in Chicago, Parrilli’s life has been a tapestry of trials and triumphs. From the heartrending loss of her father in a tragic mishap to enduring a devastating domicile blaze, she channeled her creativity into melody, manuscript, and murals. These experiences forged the foundation of her artistic expression.

Whilst pursuing a musical degree at DePaul University, Parrilli embraced an array of artistic arenas, including tap, jazz, ballet, and Broadway. Her magnetic enactments captured the gaze of the Las Vegas Press, which hailed her as a “triple threat.” The artist’s odyssey took an unforeseen turn after a life-threatening ailment halted her budding showbiz career. Despite setbacks induced by Lyme disease and Sjögren’s Syndrome, Parrilli’s unwavering spirit found a fresh form of expression—visual virtuosity.

Parrilli’s artistic accomplishments have thrust her onto the global stage. Solo showcases at esteemed studios such as the Walter Wickiser Gallery in NY and the Fine Arts Building in Chicago underscore her artistic prowess. Her participation in juried and invitational group exhibitions, including the Florence Biennial of Contemporary Art, showcases her versatility. Parrilli continues the traditions of De Kooning, Kandinsky, Mitchell and Pollock, but from her own unique perspective and introspective vision.

Ann Landi, contributing editor of ARTnews, aptly appraises Parrilli as “outrageously gifted,” extolling her adaptability and versatility in mediums spanning from oil to acrylic, watercolor, and mixed media. Parrilli’s paintings radiate grandeur and vitality, fusing her vivid palette with her musical muse.

At the core of Dellamarie Parrilli’s present acclaim are two distinctive solo exhibitions exalting her artistic voyage and revolutionary innovations into multidimensionality, catapulting the viewer into a new three-dimensional realm, which was previously held captive by the walls and traditions of the 2D canvas. The virtual exposition, “Dellamarie Parrilli: A Life In Technicolor,” extends a global audience an opportunity to submerge themselves in her artistry until December 31. Moreover, “Dellamarie Parrilli: Beyond 2D – Encounters with Multidimensionality”, featured at the Hardin Cultural Center from August 16 to December 31, furnishes an immersive rendezvous with her captivating compositions.

As Dellamarie Parrilli persists in pushing artistic boundaries, her exhibitions endure as a testimony to her creative metamorphosis, beckoning spectators to traverse a realm where color, sentiment, and structure blend seamlessly. From surmounting adversity to achieving artistic ascendancy, Dellamarie Parrilli’s expedition is an inspirational anecdote that enthralls art aficionados and newcomers alike. For more information, or to contact the artist directly, visit

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“Dellamarie Parrilli: A Life In Technicolor” (Virtual Exhibition):

“Dellamarie Parrilli: Beyond 2D – Encounters with Multidimensionality” (Hardin Cultural Center): Commencing August 16 – Concluding December 31.

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“Parrilli’s exhibitions are a masterclass in contemporary abstract art. Her canvases pulsate with energy, encapsulating the essence of music and dance in a visual form. ‘Beyond 2D – Encounters with Multidimensionality’ is a transformative experience that challenges conventional perceptions of art. Parrilli’s exhibitions are not just displays of creativity but portals into an alternate dimension of artistic expression.” – Olivia Simmons, Cultural Critique

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