KeyAI - Сryptoasset Recovery

KeyAI – Сryptoasset Recovery

RFID Inc’s new initiative, KeyAI, delves into AI’s potential to address lost cryptocurrency access. Join the journey.

Striving for innovation while upholding ethical standards is our mantra, ensuring progress without compromise.”

— CEO, Bekzad Dzhanpolatov

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, August 8, 2023/ — RFID Inc. Introduces KeyAI: A Leap Towards Resolving Lost Cryptocurrency Challenges

Today, RFID Inc., an emerging technology firm based in Los Angeles, unveiled its newest venture: KeyAI. In the rapidly evolving digital financial ecosystem, the issue of lost cryptocurrency due to forgotten or misplaced private keys has burgeoned into a significant challenge. KeyAI proposes an innovative solution rooted in artificial intelligence (AI) to address this very predicament.

Under the visionary leadership of Bekzod Dzhanpolatov, RFID Inc. is ambitiously venturing into training an AI model that aims to interpolate the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA). This AI-powered model will be specifically tailored to recover private keys using their corresponding public counterparts. The ambitious undertaking involves training the model on an expansive synthetic data set containing approximately 5 billion ECDSA private-public key pairs. To drive this, the company will harness the computational prowess of 50 NVIDIA H100 graphics cards across several months.

Bekzad Dzhanpolatov, the driving force behind RFID Inc., shared, “Our focus with KeyAI isn’t to merely add another digital solution to the market. It’s about crafting a genuine beacon of hope for those who feel locked out of their own digital assets. More importantly, we’re opening doors for potential investors, big or small, to be part of this transformative project.”

Highlighting the scientific backbone of this project, the theoretical underpinnings of KeyAI have been validated by accomplished doctoral scholars from Russia, specializing in mathematics and cryptography. With the roadmap being clear and feasible, the team is optimistic about rolling out a fully functional solution in a short timeframe. If the initial stages are met with success, there might be no need for subsequent funding rounds, making this an exclusive opportunity for early investors.

Understanding the evolving investment landscape, RFID Inc. is democratizing the investment process. The firm welcomes enthusiasts and believers in technology to be part of this project, allowing investments to begin from a mere $100. This thoughtful approach ensures even those with modest means can contribute and potentially reap rewards from a revolutionary tech solution.

Interested parties are encouraged to gather more in-depth information about KeyAI and explore investment opportunities by visiting

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, RFID Inc. remains at the forefront, blending cutting-edge technology with real-world applications. The KeyAI project, in particular, demonstrates the company’s dedication to creating impactful solutions and offering promising investment avenues to a global audience.

About RFID Inc.

Positioned in the heart of Los Angeles, RFID Inc. is a technology hub driven by innovation. Led by Bekzad Dzhanpolatov, the company consistently pushes boundaries to address complex challenges in the digital domain. KeyAI, their flagship endeavor, exemplifies their commitment to leveraging advanced technology for real-world issues.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, while transformative, come with their fair share of complexities. As innovation pioneers, our team recognizes the fine balance between pushing technological boundaries and respecting ethical and legal guidelines. Delving into the intricacies of the discrete logarithm problem, our work is not merely about achieving a breakthrough but doing so with utmost integrity. We adhere to a robust framework that ensures no individual’s assets are compromised and aim to advance the field in a manner that is both revolutionary and responsible.

In an era where data security and ethics are paramount, our initiative is to lead by example. While the allure of conquering complex mathematical challenges drives us, we’re equally motivated by our commitment to uphold the highest standards of ethical research and application. By taking this rigorous and conscientious approach, we aim to benefit the broader digital community and set a gold standard for future innovations. Join us in wefunder.

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