ROM America - Korean cuisine

ROM America – Korean cuisine

ROM America - Original Asian Taste

ROM America – Original Asian Taste

ROM America - Farm to Table

ROM America – Farm to Table

ROM America expands online and meal kit services to meet the surging demand for K-cuisine in the US, promoting community well-being and cultural appreciation

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, May 8, 2024 / — ROM America, a venerable name in the distribution of Asian food products in the Western United States, is evolving its business model to keep up with the growing popularity of Korean cuisine, featuring favorites like Tteokbokki and Kimbap. With over thirty years in the field, ROM America is now boosting its online services for both consumers and businesses and is enhancing its meal kit options to make Korean culinary delights more widely available.

The rise in interest for K-Food has been significantly driven by social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, which have led to a huge increase in people looking for recipes and meal ingredients. Charles Lee, Public Relations Officer at ROM America, mentions, “The excitement about Korean food isn’t just among the Asian community anymore; people from all walks of life are exploring K-Food, which has been popularized by K-POP and other Korean media.”

To capitalize on this trend, ROM America is currently planning a partnership with Meal4u, a well-known meal kit company with operations in Northern Virginia and Los Angeles. This collaboration is designed to simplify the cooking process for consumers and bring authentic flavors directly into their kitchens. The partnership is in the works to deliver meal kits that replicate the dining experience of popular Koreatown restaurants in LA, bringing their signature dishes right to your doorstep.

In an effort to boost visibility and attract more consumers, ROM America recently began an advertising campaign on the bustling Times Square billboards in New York City. The campaign features on the ‘I Love NY’ billboard, a strategic location that captures the attention of thousands daily and has significantly raised the profile of the company’s offerings.

Simultaneously, with new concept, ‘farm to table’, ROM America is enhancing their own website ( to better serve its customers. The upgraded site will offer a more comprehensive range of products and leverage advanced technologies to improve user experience, ensuring customers have access to the latest in Asian cuisine trends and quality service.

Staying true to its core value of ‘A company that loves people,’ ROM America is also involved in community welfare. The company works with the LA City Senior Center and the LA Senior Citizens’ Bureau to provide ‘care food’—healthy, traditional Korean dishes aimed at enhancing the diets of local seniors.

This wide-ranging strategy reflects ROM America’s commitment to not only fostering a deeper appreciation for Asian food but also serving the community through thoughtful engagement and innovative service solutions. As these efforts gain momentum, ROM America is setting new standards in the food distribution industry and helping more people discover and enjoy the rich flavors of K-Food.

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