The RooBOT designer simplifies creation of automations and AI for the frontline with an easy point and click interface

SImplify Automations and AI for the frontline

New Bot Designer Simplifies Adding Bot Automations To ROO.AI Visual Workflows

BURLINGAME, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2024 / — ROO.AI announced today the availability of extended Bot capabilities and an easy Bot designer to simplify the addition of Bots to the ROI.AI breakthrough visual workflows. Called RooBOTS, these new Bot capabilities greatly enhance the flexibility and capability of automations available for digital inspections, work instructions, safety checks and training.

“RooBOTS are a powerful extension of the ROO.AI Frontline Digital Automation Platform, that together with our WISE (Work Instruction & Services Engine), deliver the ability to provide on-the-spot assistance and guidance to workers,” said Leo Sigal, Founder and CEO of ROO.AI. “While many talk about the promise of AI for frontline manufacturing and field operations, the key to success will be in the delivery of AI guidance to frontline workers in a meaningful and usable way. The enhancements to ROO.AI RooBOTS are optimizing our platform to be the delivery vehicle for AI on the frontline.”

The expanded RooBOOT functionality encompasses a variety of pre-built Bots to transform the use of Bots for frontline work automation into a simple select and click process. ROO.AI pre-built RooBOTS enable a wide range of actions for frontline work automation based on data and operator activities such as: defect detection, severity and resolution; work order creation, status, update and completion; workflow activities, completions and data capture; and changes to asset data and the data collected in asset custom fields. With the new RooBOT designer, customers can simply select a Bot type and configure triggers and action from a drop-down menu.


ROO.AI, a purpose built platform to address frontline workforce skills gaps, is simplifying the jobs of frontline workers, and improving production, quality and costs for companies that depend on a frontline workforce for success. ROO.AI replaces paper to automate tasks such as assembly, inspections, quality control, equipment and field maintenance with a breakthrough visual interface, guided assistance and Bots on mobile devices to show workers exactly what they need to do, when they need to do it. A complete platform, including asset management, issue traceability, planned maintenance, work order management and analytics, ROO.AI

Stephen Zocchi