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Roots Music Group Inc. teams with Empire Records Distribution, pioneering a new age in music. Prioritizing artist growth, we’re the future of sound.

LOS ANGELES , CA, USA, August 22, 2023/ — Roots Music Group Inc.: Where Passion Pioneers the Future — Unveiling the Next Wave of Musical Genius and Innovative Collaborations!

LOS ANGELES, CA, — In a world flooded with music, where talent burgeons at every street corner and digital platform, standing out and forging a unique identity has never been more challenging. This challenge is exactly what Roots Music Group Inc. has accepted, embraced, and is set to overcome. Today, the label announces its latest initiative in pioneering the future of music by unveiling a fresh wave of musical genius and launching groundbreaking collaborations that promise to redefine the industry.

Music, in its purest form, is an expression of the soul. It’s the bridge between raw emotion and the listener’s heart. Roots Music Group Inc. has always believed in this purity, and their vision transcends beyond just producing tracks. It is about creating an immersive experience for the listener, journeying through diverse musical landscapes, and championing the voices that need to be heard.

Robert “Flow187” Roots, the visionary behind Roots Music Group Inc., commented, “We live in times of unprecedented musical diversity. Every day, artists push boundaries, experimenting with sounds, and blending genres. It’s a thrilling time to be in the industry, and at Roots Music Group Inc., we’re not just spectators. We are active participants, curators of this evolving art form.”

The label’s commitment to innovation is evident in its association with IDreamEmpire, a top-tier talent scouting agency. This collaboration ensures that the label is always at the forefront of discovering emerging talent. The artists introduced by IDreamEmpire to Roots Music Group Inc. don’t just get a platform; they join a family dedicated to nurturing their talent and amplifying their voice.

“We’re not just a record label. We are a movement. A collective of artists, producers, and creatives who share a common goal – to push the boundaries of what’s possible in music,” added Flow187.

A significant aspect of the label’s commitment to its artists is the empowerment of their brand. Recognizing the importance of visibility in today’s digital age, Roots Music Group Inc. retains the right to feature artists in the label’s promotional and marketing content. This not only bolsters the artist’s brand presence but also ensures a synergistic growth alongside the label.

Moreover, in a first-of-its-kind initiative, Roots Music Group Inc. is venturing into merchandise. Artists collaborating with the label will have the unique opportunity to design their merchandise, which will then be drop-shipped from the label’s online platform. The revenue model is set to be a 25/75 split, favoring the artist, making it one of the most artist-friendly initiatives in the industry.

The music industry has witnessed a paradigm shift in the past decade. From vinyl to streaming, from studios to bedroom productions, the change has been relentless. But amidst this whirlwind of transformation, one thing remains unchanged – the thirst for authentic, soul-stirring music. Roots Music Group Inc. quenches this thirst. Their relentless pursuit of musical excellence, coupled with an unwavering commitment to artist welfare, sets them leagues apart.

In closing, Flow187 shared a poignant message, “To the world, we promise an auditory experience like no other. To the artists, a haven where your creativity will be cherished and celebrated. The future of music is here, and it’s echoing with the rhythms of Roots Music Group Inc.”

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Roots Music Group Inc. is an avant-garde music label based in Los Angeles, CA. Established with the vision of revolutionizing the music industry, the label stands as a beacon of innovation, authenticity, and unparalleled musical experiences.

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