RoybiVerse Launched on LG Smart TVs

ROYBI announces today the launch of RoybiVerse on millions of LG Smart TVs in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2024 / — ROYBI INC, an innovative EdTech company where play meets potential through AI-driven immersive platforms and robotics, proudly announced today the launch of its edutainment app on LG Electronics Smart TVs. This collaboration brings their groundbreaking educational platform, RoybiVerse, to millions of families worldwide, providing an unparalleled experience for young learners.

Designed for curious minds, RoybiVerse offers a universe of knowledge through interactive stories, engaging games, and captivating challenges. Explore space, dive into the depths of the ocean, or travel back in time to meet dinosaurs—all while learning math, science, arts, and more. Powered by AI, RoybiVerse personalizes the learning journey, adapting to a child’s interests for a truly unique experience.

“We’re thrilled to welcome ROYBI to the LG ecosystem. Education has been a priority for our company, especially when it comes to young learners. We are always looking for innovative ways to engage with every family member.” said Brian Miller, Director of Innovation Development, North America Content and Services Team.

RoybiVerse is on the cusp of a global expansion, poised to captivate millions of children worldwide. This strategic launch aims to significantly extend ROYBI’s educational footprint, offering an enriched array of interactive learning experiences to a diverse and growing audience. By integrating directly into households through widely used smart TV platforms, RoybiVerse ensures accessibility and convenience, setting a new standard for home-based learning.

“At ROYBI, we’ve always loved doing things a bit differently to make learning fun for kids. Teaming up with LG Electronics, who are absolute pioneers in tech, is super exciting for us. We’re both all about creating cool, virtual worlds where learning feels like an adventure. Thanks to this awesome partnership, living rooms are going to turn into places where education meets magic,” shared Elnaz Sarraf, Founder & CEO of ROYBI.

In a concerted effort to enhance its educational offerings for K-12 learners, ROYBI is actively forging new content partnerships across the spectrum—from innovative startups to leading corporations and esteemed educational institutions. These collaborations are central to diversifying RoybiVerse’s content library, bringing a wealth of knowledge and unique learning opportunities to the platform. By inviting content developers and educational authorities to join forces, ROYBI is enriching its platform and shaping educational technology’s future.

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