Rubicon Landscape’s Beautify Richmond Program Celebrates Success in Empowering Justice-Impacted Participants

Beautify Richmond Program Participants in Training

Beautify Richmond Program Participants in Training

Beautify Richmond Program participants are enjoying stretching and meditation

Beautify Richmond Program participants are enjoying stretching and meditation

Beautify Richmond Program and Its Partners

Beautify Richmond Program and Its Partners

Rubicon Landscape in partnership with Rubicon Programs and the City of Richmond announces the successful completion of its inaugural Beautify Richmond program.

Many of our graduating participants will secure full-time employment with the new skills acquired during the Beautify Richmond Program. Due to their success, the Program will continue in October 2023.”

— Nancy Emery, Vice-President, Rubicon Landscape Group

RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2023/ — Rubicon Landscape, in partnership with Rubicon Programs and the City of Richmond, proudly announces the successful completion of its inaugural Beautify Richmond program. This 18-week transformative initiative aimed to equip justice-impacted individuals with the necessary skills and support for a fresh start in life after incarceration.

The Beautify Richmond program saw the participation of 16 dedicated individuals who embarked on a journey of personal growth, skill development, and community enrichment. Eight participants are set to complete the program, with five hailing from the over-30 age group and three from the under-30 age group.

Central to the program’s mission was providing comprehensive job training in commercial landscape maintenance. Rubicon Landscape offered holistic support, addressing various needs such as housing, treatment, transportation, clothing, and nourishment. Crucially, participants received guidance in resume building, application submission, and other essential life skills to help them stabilize their lives. Over four months, the participants gradually transitioned to the pace of full-time employment, showcasing remarkable progress in their abilities. Notably, their teamwork and mutual support accelerated their learning curve; a task that once required 16 individuals a full day was later accomplished by five people in just two hours.

The Beautify Richmond program’s impact extended beyond job training, with partnerships with the Ruth Bancroft Botanical Garden, Alcatraz, Treasure Island, and Muir Woods offering participants unique opportunities for personal growth and enrichment.

Each participant was assigned a topic covered throughout the program providing the opportunity for them to showcase what they had learned; the topics ranged from caring for roses, mulching, weeds, vegetable gardens to morning stretches. Participants presented presentations in an interview-style video presentation, capturing each ones’ personality.

One participant’s success story speaks volumes, having secured a position with a local union even before program completion. The remaining participants have promising interviews lined up with Rubicon Landscape, the City of Richmond, and other business partners of Rubicon Programs.

“The Beautify Richmond program offered me an escape from my routine and taught me the importance of environmental care through landscaping,” shared Tyshaun, a program participant.

Another participant, Torry expressed gratitude for the program’s hospitality and the chance to learn a valuable trade, while others like Vernon highlighted personal transformation and new found courage.

Veronica Switzer, the training coordinator, lauded the cohort’s dedication, remarking, “I am proud to be part of such a powerful program that helps participants transform their lives.”

“Looking ahead, Rubicon Landscape’s commitment to fostering positive change remains unwavering. Due to the program’s resounding success, a new group of cohorts is scheduled to commence in October 2023. The current participants are on track to graduate on August 18, 2023, receiving certificates of completion and accomplishment. With updated resumes reflecting their newly acquired skills, these motivated individuals are actively pursuing landscaping positions within Rubicon, the City of Richmond, and other external companies.

Rubicon Landscape extends its sincere gratitude to all partners, including Rubicon Programs, the City of Richmond, and Director of Operations Mike Gillett, whose dedication and hard work have contributed to the program’s triumph.” – Nancy Emery, Vice-President, Rubicon Landscape Group.

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