rule5 Signals Platform

rule5 Signals Platform

The rule5 Signals Platform (RSP) revolutionizes how information is transformed into actionable signals and insights using generative AI.”

— Ramana Mulpury, Co-founder & CTO, rule5 AI

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2024 / — rule5, a pioneer in generative AI, announced rule5 Signals Platform 3.0, a native Gen AI platform first of its kind configurable platform for organizations to discover revenue opportunities, mitigate risk, safeguard their brand among other critical functions.

The first product utilizing this platform, Signal IQ for GTM, specifically targets identifying revenue opportunities for your business . Beyond out of the box signals and sources, the rule5 Signals Platform offers extensive ability to configure additional signals that matter for your business.

rule5 Signals Platform enables a wide array of applications across various industries including Competitive Intelligence and Customer Intelligence to Reputation & brand monitoring, Market Trends, Cyber Risk Management, Innovation Tracking, Academic Research, Recruiting and Automated Candidate Sourcing for Recruitment.

Key features of the rule5 Signals Platform include:

* Configurable Sources: Users can specify sources like RSS feeds or APIs to collect and aggregate information efficiently.
* Configurable Classifier: By leveraging user specified instructions and ontologies, the platform allows granular classification that are relevant and actionable.
* Configurable Filters: Using generative AI, the platform enables semantic-based filtering to ensure the relevance of information processed.
* Configurable Summarization Templates – The platform includes standard summarization templates and supports modifications to include detailed insights from content uploaded into the platform and external sources thus enabling timely action.
* Flexible LLM Model Selection – Balancing cost, accuracy, relevance and scalability is a significant challenge. The platform allows switching between different models based on your organization’s needs.

As a part of the rule5 Signals Platform, rule5 plans to make it easier for organizations to build and deploy Signal pipelines using Signals Studio. Key components of Signal Studio will include:

* Signal Pipeline Builder – Design and build your signal pipeline including source, classification, filters and summary.
* Signal Model Selector – Easily select the model for each stage of the pipeline.
* Signal Playground – Evaluate and refine signal pipelines before deploying across your organization.

“The rule5 Signals Platform (RSP) revolutionizes how information is transformed into actionable signals and insights using generative AI. This platform makes decision-making simpler and more effective for our customers.” said Ramana Mulpury, Co-founder & CTO at rule5 AI Inc.

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