Brett Davis, Producer and Narrator of The Big Dump – Our Pacific Ocean in Crisis

Brett Davis, Mayor of IB Paloma Aguirre, Larry Delrose and Allen Carrasco

Brett and Supervisor Nora Vargas

This affects not only San Diego and Tijuana residents but their future children and grandchildren. The time to act is now and this documentary is my way of sharing this message with the world.”

— Brett Davis, Producer “The Big Dump”

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/ — IQ Podcasts CEO Brett Davis recently released his new documentary “The Big Dump” in an effort to educate the populace about the ongoing environmental hazard posed by unregulated sewage dumping into the Pacific Ocean from Tijuana.

The picturesque landscapes and azure waters of the Pacific Ocean along the Southern California coastline often serve as a retreat for locals and tourists alike. However, the the tranquil scenes have been marred by an on going environmental and health crisis as raw sewage and toxic chemicals from Tijuana Mexico flows into the Imperial Beach and Coronado area polluting the beaches and the Pacific Ocean with approximately 30 million gallons being released on an average day and about 250 million gallons on a rainy day. This issue not only jeopardizes the marine ecosystem but also poses significant health risks to both residents and visitors. In this documentary, San Diego native Brett Davis delves into the Tijuana sewage problem, its implications for public health, and the facts surrounding this concerning issue.

Tijuana, a bustling border city, has faced infrastructural challenges for years, leading to inadequate wastewater treatment facilities and sewage management systems. During heavy rains, overwhelmed sewage systems often release untreated or partially treated wastewater into the Tijuana River, which then flows across the border into the United States and directly into Imperial Beach. The pollutants, which include not only human waste but also industrial chemicals and debris, contribute to alarming levels of contamination in the ocean waters.

This documentary was a collaboration with Brett Davis, Larry Delrose as Executive Producer and Allen Carrasco as Director.
The Big Dump features interviews with Brett Davis and other notable San Diego residents like Richard Bailey, Mayor of Coronado, former Congressman Brian Bilbray, Supervisor Nora Vargas, Mayor of Imperial Beach Paloma Aguirre, National City Mayor Ron Morrison and many more. It provides a powerful and gripping overview of an often overlooked disaster that needs immediate attention to avoid an environmental catastrophe of epic proportions.

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