SIlk-screened triptych by artist Phil Dynan

Serigraph by Phil Dynan of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

3D, Reverse Perspective, Viewer Interactive Wall Sculptures at the BlueStream Gallery

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2024 / — San Francisco’s art scene is getting a fresh and incredibly innovative shake-up this weekend with the opening of UK/US artist Phil Dynan’s amazing, reverse perspective, viewer interactive, wall sculpture exhibit. The show runs at the BlueStream Gallery, 555 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, from April 23 until May 11.

“Made with Love” is the title of the Exhibit and Dynan shares the space with his partner, UC Davis graduate Anastasia Nelson, who brings an extra flourish to the exhibit with her floral works. The exhibit also includes sculptures in homage to London artist Patrick Hughes and San Francisco’s Funk Artist Maija Peeples Bright (courtesy of the Parker Gallery, LA).

There are eight of the unique 3D, viewer interactive sculptures in the exhibit. They range in subject from “The Rainbow Gallery” (showcasing works by London-based Hughes) to “Illusion”, a series of optical illusions that further enhance the already extraordinary motion of the piece. “Art Walk” is another featured wall sculpture. It includes a portrait of “Nugoro”, a donkey who resides in the artists’ Rescue Center. As a viewer moves in any direction, the art appears to both morph and move.

Dynan and Nelson are the featured artists that produce these unique sculptures. They have been collaborating for more than 25 years. The two also run the “Accidental Animal Rescue Center” in Northern California and regularly produce portraits of the many animals that have been rescued.

Additionally, there is a key piece of historic art in the exhibit, a hand-pulled serigraphic triptych of the Golden Gate Bridge. The piece was commissioned by the City of San Francisco to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the San Francisco Marathon.

The BlueStream Gallery will hold an opening Reception for the two artists on Saturday, April 27th from 4-7 PM. The public is invited. The Gallery is located at 555 Grant Avenue, in Chinatown, San Francisco. Music at the Reception will be provided by Singer-Song Writer Robbie Kaye.

More information about the artists can be found at

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