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Sanlo Webshop enables a beautiful and seamless extension of your game

Transforming Mobile Gaming with Plug and Play, Off-App Monetization. Sanlo Webshop Closed Beta Launch Revealed!

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 24, 2024 / — Sanlo, a leading provider of financial and monetization products for the gaming industry, is thrilled to announce the Closed Beta launch of its Webshop platform. The Closed Beta program, which starts today, invites a select group of gaming companies to experience the capabilities of Sanlo’s latest product, designed to increase revenue and enhance player engagement.

Despite increased time spent playing mobile games, in-game spending is decreasing. Every gaming company needs to offer their products where their players play. But now, they must ensure players can pay in the most rewarding and convenient ways, while also being economical for the game developer itself. Sanlo Webshop allows mobile game developers to build direct relationships with their players, protect margins and earn more revenue, with ease and efficiency.

Sanlo Webshop is poised to redefine the landscape of mobile game monetization, offering game developers and publishers a seamless plug-and-play solution to establish direct connections with their players. The Webshop product streamlines the process, enabling effortless integration and management into existing workflows.

“From day one, our vision at Sanlo has been to help gaming companies run financially healthy and sustainable businesses,” said Olya Caliujnaia, Co-founder & CEO of Sanlo. “It’s become increasingly challenging for mobile gaming companies to drive monetization and grow profitability in today’s landscape. With Sanlo Webshop, we’re boosting revenue by seamlessly extending monetization and player engagement to the web, which enables strong financial benefits for game developers and publishers. Our product philosophy has always been to deliver easy-to-use products that fit seamlessly into gaming companies’ stacks. Sanlo Webshop is plug & play and designed to integrate with our customers’ existing ways of working.”

The Closed Beta program marks an exciting milestone for Sanlo. Fusebox Games is one of the Closed Beta customers. Terry Lee, COO & Head of Studio at Fusebox Games, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We’re excited to partner with Sanlo to create a Best-in-class, premium shopping experience for Fusebox Games’ players. It’s a concept we’ve been looking to deliver for a while. Now, with the tools Sanlo provides, we’re moving forward with confidence and speed.”

Sanlo’s investors and VC backers express strong support for the product. “Sanlo’s Webshop product allows mobile game devs to connect directly with players and drive revenue for their games,” Josh Chapman, a Managing Partner at Konvoy Ventures, highlights. “This webshop product at Sanlo is focused on unlocking new revenue streams and building long-term marketing strategies for game studios. As gaming company’s know all too well; owning the customer relationship and data is key, and Sanlo Webshop makes that happen. Sanlo has a unique team of gaming and fintech leaders, and we are proud to continuously support them.”

Sanlo Webshop operates on core principles that align with gaming companies’ needs:

• Plug and Play: No need to overhaul ways of working; the solution seamlessly integrates into your existing tools and workflows.

• Monetization Focus: There is a deep focus and set of functionality to maximize revenue through better engagement and connections with players, akin to what’s known as D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) in industries such as retail ecommerce.

• Transparency: No surprises or secrets. From fees to product reporting, everything’s crystal clear.

• Simplicity: Similar to using platforms such as Apple and Google, but with significantly lower fees, Sanlo handles all the complexity so companies can focus on what matters most: their games.

Sanlo is currently onboarding mobile games into its Closed Beta program and has strong backing of an impressive roster of both gaming and fintech investors, such as Konvoy, Index Ventures, LVP, GFR, XYZ Venture Capital, and Fin Capital. Interested gaming companies are encouraged to request a demo on the Sanlo website.

Andrew Dubatowka