Scienlodic Launches Rechargeable Red Light Therapy Cap for Hair Growth

Scienlodic Rechargeable Red Light Therapy Cap

Scienlodic Rechargeable Red Light Therapy Cap

The new red light therapy cap is a rechargeable , upgraded device that offers a natural and non-invasive treatment for combating hair loss.

MOUNT HOLLY, CA, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2023/ — Scienlodic is a sub-brand of Future Wearable Therapy Technology Co., Limited, an emerging company in the field of red light therapy. Today, Scienlodic announced the launch of its advanced product: Scienlodic Red Light Therapy Cap for Hair Growth. The cap features an upgraded rechargeable design that enhances its portability.

“We listen to our customers and we innovate to improve the portability, which allows users to enjoy the treatment at their convenience and comfort as possible. We know how busy and stressful life can be, so we want to make it easier for them to take care of their hair and scalp” said Alex Chen, CEO of Scienlodic .“Our mission is to make red light therapy accessible for everyone, so they can enhance their health and well-being with the light in their own homes or while traveling.”

The new red light therapy cap is an improvement from the first-generation hair growth cap that Scienlodic launched in 2022. It employs LED light to stimulate hair follicles and promote blood circulation on the scalp. The first-generation cap received numerous praises from customers who reported significant improvements in their hair density and thickness after using the device. More than 1,000 customers testified that the cap helped them treat their hair loss condition and restore their scalp health.

“I’ve been using the Scienlodic Red Light Therapy Cap for 3 months, and I’m starting to see some spots and baby hair around the hairline. That’s the best investment I’ve made in recent years.” said Ryan Francis, a satisfied customer from Nevada.

Numerous features distinguish the new red light therapy cap from other pricey products on the market. Among these benefits are:
● Rechargeable design: The cap boosts a long-lasting battery that can power up to 60 minutes of treatment with a single charge. This allows users to use the cap without relying on an outlet or a power cord. Users can easily complete their sessions while outdoors or traveling, saving time and effort. And it’s made of soft and flexible materials that can conform to any head size to ensure durability.

● Intelligent temperature control system: The cap features an advanced temperature control system that prevents overheating and ensures a comfortable and safe experience. Users can choose from three temperature levels according to their preference and tolerance.

● Pulse and breathing modes: The cap offers two optional modes that provide rhythmic flashes of red light to relax the brain and enhance the effect of the treatment. The pulse mode uses 10 Hz and 40 Hz frequencies that are proven to stimulate brain activity and mood. The breathing mode employs a slow, steady pattern that simulates natural breathing and helps users relax and concentrate.

● Proven effectiveness: 102 medical-grade LEDs in the cap emit 660nm and 850nm wavelengths that are proven to help with hair loss, especially due to androgenetic alopecia.

According to Scienlodic’s quarterly report in 2023, users who wore the red light therapy cap for 30 minutes a day for 12 weeks experienced an average of 43% increase in hair density and a 37% increase in the crown area. Additionally, the Scienlodic cap received glowing feedback from social media influencers, YouTube channels, and online communities.

The new red light therapy cap will be available starting August 15th, for $199. For more information on the Scienlodic New Red light Cap, visit

In addition, Scienlodic rewards its loyal customers for their support by slashing the price of all red light therapy devices, up to 50%! This offer is valid for a limited time, so don’t miss this chance to access the summer sale.

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Scienlodic is an emerging brand in the field of red light therapy, a natural and non-invasive treatment that uses light to stimulate healing and wellness. Founded in 2018 by Alex Chen, Scienlodic provides FDA registered devices that are portable and easy to use at home or on the go. Scienlodic’s mission is to make red light therapy accessible for everyone. The products include red light therapy caps, belts, wrist pads, panels, and other light therapy devices that can help with various conditions, such as hair loss, pain relief, and weight control.

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