Segmed Surpasses 100 Million De-identified Real World Imaging Studies that are Linkable to Full Medical Records


PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2023/ — Segmed, a company simplifying access to real-world medical imaging data (RWiD), today announced that their data network has now surpassed 100 million imaging studies. This was made possible by the onboarding of several national and international healthcare providers, and represents exciting progress towards the company’s mission to democratize healthcare data for ethical and privacy-preserving research and development.

As research and development for real world evidence (RWE) and medical AI has advanced rapidly, the demand for real world data (RWD) to support these advancements has soared. Segmed’s Insight web platform acts as a bridge, connecting healthcare providers, researchers and technology developers with fully de-identified, standardized imaging data through its user-friendly interface. By simplifying access to RWiD, Segmed and their partners are empowering the medical research community to gather insights, advance medical research and drive meaningful progress in healthcare.

A differentiating factor that separates Segmed from others in the space is their ability to link imaging data with other data types. Segmed makes use of their privacy-protecting technology along with Datavant’s data tokenization solutions to enrich real-world imaging data with external data from clinical and other real-world sources. This includes but is not limited to claims, medical records, registry, clinical trial and social determinants of health data – all of which can be combined with RWiD to generate more holistic, longitudinal profiles while maintaining patient confidentiality.

“We are excited to reach this milestone, and extend our thanks to our valued partners and data providers,” said Garth Schulz – COO and CFO at Segmed. “Their trust and partnership have been instrumental in enabling us to create a diverse data warehouse representing over 40 U.S. states and 15 countries. Getting to 100 million studies allows us to fulfill our customers’ orders more quickly with more diverse sources, and it demonstrates that a growing number of data providers are supporting medical innovation that will improve healthcare for everyone.”

Segmed employs state-of-the-art de-identification techniques and procedures to ensure that all data hosted on their Insight platform is de-identified and compliant with data protection standards including HIPAA and GDPR. The company also recently achieved their ISO 27001 certification, and renewed their SOC Type II attestation.

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About Segmed:
Segmed’s mission is to revolutionize healthcare research by unlocking the unique information found in medical imaging studies so they can be applied to innovations. We are building a unique self-serve data curation platform with the world’s largest repository of real-world imaging data (RWiD), so we can make it easy for researchers and developers to acquire imaging data for training, testing, and validating their medical AI algorithms.

Rachel Madukayil