Left to Right: Jose Turincio, Kimberly Schaid, Nara Murillo, Jasmine Ruidera, Kierra Taylor and Arbi Setaghaian,

Set Estates, a Los Angeles-based real estate company, is currently seeking private money lenders for multiple Southern California-based properties.

Our ethical and resourceful members consist of not only real estate agents but also lawyers, tax advisors, mortgage brokers and interior designers.”

— Arbi Setaghaian

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Set Estates, a real estate company founded and led by real estate agent and investor, Arbi Setaghaian, is now seeking private money lenders who are interested in taking part in one or more of the organization’s numerous house flipping projects. Private money lending consists of loans that are done outside of the banking system and is an investment strategy that is commonly used in real estate.

A few of the benefits of becoming a private money lender with Set Estates include earning passive income, receiving significant returns and having a diversified investment portfolio. Plus, private money lending allows one to get involved with real estate without needing to contribute time or any additional finances in order to complete the renovation aspect of flipping a house and then reselling it after the home or property has been renovated. Those looking to become a private money lender with Set Estates need to invest at least $25,000.

The Set Estates team is comprised of motivated individuals who are experts in investing and in California real estate. Arbi Setaghaian, Nara Murillo, Jasmine Ruidera, Jose Turincio, Kimberly Schaid and Kierra Taylor regularly collaborate and show solid judgements when analyzing prospective private money lending and real estate transactions. Setaghaian said, “Our ethical and resourceful members consist of not only real estate agents, but also lawyers, tax advisors, mortgage brokers and interior designers,” which makes Set Estates a prime resource for private money lenders as well as anyone seeking to buy or sell real estate.

Setaghaian is an expert investor himself, as well as a real estate agent, who understands all of the nuances that go into these transactions, such as how to weigh all of the related factors when deciding whether or not to purchase a home for flipping and while going through the renovation process.

When Setaghaian seeked a career in real estate, his initial focus was on flipping homes and renovation projects, which was later coupled with consulting others in doing the same. In fact, one of Setaghaian’s most impactful traits is his passion for helping people succeed as private money lenders and in the real estate industry, so that anyone can secure a prosperous financial future.

Individuals who would like to learn more about becoming a private money lender with Set Estates or anyone who wants to refer a private money lender to take advantage of this opportunity should contact the organization through this link: https://setestates.com/private-money-lenders-page/ or by calling 1-800-515-5085.

The Los Angeles-based company is also currently recruiting real estate agents. Anyone who is interested in joining the Set Estates team is urged to submit a form via the following link: https://setestates.com/team/

About Arbi Setaghaian:
Arbi Setaghaian is a realtor with a passion to help people buy and and sell properties, while also being able to provide valuable insights and advice based on his expertise as an investor. He is known for flipping houses, raising money and creative financing (e.g. expertise in financial analysis, applying a special property buying system and construction management system and additional expertise in securing your investments).

Arbi is passionate about inspiring individuals to take charge of their financial futures through real estate opportunities. He and his team are highly motivated, knowledgeable, ethical, resourceful and are committed to helping people make successful real estate deals. Setaghaian also continuously engages in educational and professional development, specifically by attending conferences, events and networking with like-minded individuals.

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