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What Satoshi Envisioned…

Stablecoin Shakti created by the people, for the people

Stablecoin created by the people, for the people

The Swiss Shakti Foundation has launched Sovereign Wallet, a Layer 1 blockchain solution with a native wallet——it’s the Swiss Army for P2P banking…

A White Paper Worthy of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Legacy. Satoshi Nakamoto inspired us to create Shakti Coin. In his work, we saw financial inclusion and social good…”

— Stablecoin: Issued by Mothers of the World…

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA , USA, May 10, 2024 / — The Swiss Shakti Foundation has launched Sovereign Wallet, a Layer 1 blockchain solution with a native wallet that serves as the Swiss Army Knife of the future of P2P banking. It’s designed for mass adoption. ShaktiCoin Wallet makes it easy to send payments to anyone, anywhere – in just 5 seconds – as easy as sending a text message or email.

ShaktiCoin (SXE) is everything we wanted from Satoshi Nakamoto. With its Swiss-American ecosystem, SXE ushered in an era of mass adoption. It’s not just talk – it’s already here.

Innovative Mining — the era of spectacular energy consumption for mining is over.

Humanity’s Innate Potential: Effort. The native Sovereign Wallet rewards the efforts of ordinary people and facilitates financial management from the beginning to the end of life.

Control Over Money: With the native SXE Sovereign Wallet, intermediaries become unnecessary, granting wallet holders lifelong sound financial control without any resistance.

SXE’s Stability is anchored deep into the Hearts and Minds of Every Family: The value of each SXE coin is USD 5.00. Its value rises from the most precious blessings (our children) of every family, making it highly accessible, facing minimal resistance, and universally accepted as digital money among the global population.

It is engineered with Satoshi Nakamoto’s transcending energy (shakti) and hundreds of volunteer developers contributing to the Swiss NGO.

Mining ShaktiCoin (SXE) is exclusively based on human achievement and is restricted solely to parents with children, whereas Bitcoin depends on computational power for its mining activities. In both instances, a third party executes the mining process.

Rooted in Education and Empowerment: Drawing inspiration from the Swiss Nation’s commitment to lifelong learning, the SXE ecosystem emphasizes education, fairness, and opportunity for all. The fabric of the Swiss-American Web3 SXE ecosystem provides a financial opportunity for those willing to work for it.

Circle of Life: With the ShaktiCoin wallet, merchants will pay migrant workers, and their children will purchase a pack of gum—together, we have given birth to a single, stable global currency created by the people, for the people.

Shakti eXpress: Offering near-zero transaction costs for international money transfers, this service enables the movement of funds anywhere, anytime. Additionally, it actively combats one of humanity’s most egregious crimes—a persistent challenge that has long plagued civilization: Child Poverty.

The Swiss Shakti Foundation, an international Swiss-based non-governmental organization (NGO), manages the Proof-of-Effort protocol. This protocol rewards the daily efforts of everyday people, whether they are sending their children to school, operating a small business, managing a large corporation, or helping a friend obtain an SXE wallet. Proof-of-Effort encourages participation from major global corporations and governments by incentivizing everyone, fostering broad engagement.

The ShaktiCoin (SXE) ecosystem is an essential part of the Smart Money Movement – ​​a movement for the people, by the people. This autonomous network rewards early adopters and recognizes their contributions and groundbreaking achievements while building a better future for everyone.

In the coming days, the Swiss Shakti Foundation will break down the basics of the ShaktiCoin (SXE) blockchain ecosystem, examining everything from the protocol to the core use of SXE and why it is considered a Smart Money. Stay tuned.


About ShaktiCoin (SXE):

The ShaktiCoin (SXE) project represents a grassroots initiative transcending industries, governments, faiths, and political ideologies. Its mission is to promote awareness and aid learning among peers.
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