Shasta Nelson's Frientimacy Podcast

Shasta Nelson’s Frientimacy Podcast

Podcast helps people learn to navigate common challenges and deepen their friendships

Most of us aren’t lonely for more interaction, but rather for more intimacy. We don’t need to meet more people, we need to learn how to feel more met. That’s what Frientimacy is all about.”

— Shasta Nelson

ROCKLIN, CA, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2024 / — Shasta Nelson, renowned friendship expert, bestselling author and pioneer in belongingness, announces the launch of her new podcast, “Frientimacy: Finding Our Way to More Fulfilling Friendships.” The podcast, set to debut on June 4th with four episodes, will delve into the complexities of adult friendships, offering listeners valuable insights and strategies for navigating the challenges and reaping the rewards of meaningful social connections.

As the author of three groundbreaking books on adult friendships — “Friendships Don’t Just Happen,” “Frientimacy” and “The Business of Friendship” — Shasta has established herself as a leading voice in the field of social relationships. Her expertise has been sought by major media outlets such as the New York Times, the Today Show and Harvard Business Review and she’s a two-time featured TEDx speaker. With the Frientimacy podcast, Shasta is taking her message to a new platform, offering a candid and relatable look at the joys and struggles of adult friendships.

“We live in an increasingly lonely world. But the solution isn’t just to know more people. Most of us aren’t lonely for more interaction, but rather for more intimacy. We don’t need to meet more people, we need to learn how to feel more met. That’s what Frientimacy is all about,” said Nelson. “Through the Frientimacy podcast, I want to show that the depth we want is sometimes on the other side of hurt and disappointment, and that it’s possible to overcome adversity and emerge with stronger, more fulfilling friendships.”

In each Frientimacy episode, Shasta will go behind the scenes of her own friendships to shed light on their struggles and triumphs, illuminating how overcoming challenges allowed her and her friends to form even stronger bonds. Whether friendship obstacles include jealousy, busyness, ghosting, hurt feelings or changing life stages, Shasta’s insights and advice will help listeners navigate the path to more meaningful connections. By exploring these common friendship obstacles from each friend’s perspective, Shasta aims to inspire and educate listeners on how they might tackle similar issues in their own friendships.

The trailer for “Frientimacy” is available now, offering a sneak peek into the powerful stories and transformative lessons that await listeners. After the June 4th launch, new episodes will be released every Tuesday through the end of September. “Frientimacy” is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

About Shasta Nelson
Shasta Nelson is an acclaimed keynote speaker, media personality and bestselling author dedicated to helping people develop healthy relationships and foster a sense of belonging. For over 15 years, Shasta has been translating the science of human connection into actionable practices that lead to greater belonging across communities and work culture. Her Frientimacy Triangle which teaches the 3 Requirements of all healthy relationships, is widely used in helping individuals understand how they can most strategically start, deepen and repair any relationship in their life. As a popular speaker for conferences and organizations such as Google and LinkedIn, she teaches leaders and teams how they can create and foster the high-trust and resilient relationships that lead to higher employee retention, engagement and collaboration. In 2008, she founded one of the first online friendship-matching platforms, GirlFriendCircles, which was credited with creating thousands of new friendships across the U.S. and earned her the title, “The OG of Friendship.”

In addition to the podcast, Shasta is a popular keynote speaker and facilitator for team bonding. She also regularly leads Friendship CoachingCircles for individuals, offers how-to videos on YouTube and hosts various events aimed at increasing belongingness. To learn more about working with Shasta Nelson or to inquire about her services, visit her website or connect with her on Instagram (@shastamnelson) and YouTube (


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