Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. Leads the Charge in Sustainable Flexographic Printing with Advanced RTO Solutions

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LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 25, 2024 / — Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. (S&SE), a premier provider of air pollution control and energy recovery solutions, is proud to announce groundbreaking advancements in the Flexographic Printing Industry. As the market is projected to grow by $23.3 billion from 2022 to 2027, driven by increasingly diverse demand and a heightened focus on sustainability, S&SE’s innovative Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) are set to compliment facility operations ensuring air quality and operational efficiency in flexographic printing facilities.

Air Quality and Flexo RTOs

The Flexographic Printing Industry, integral to packaging and corrugated printing sectors, involves processes that emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These emissions pose significant environmental and health risks. S&SE addresses this urgent issue with state-of-the-art RTOs, designed to capture and destroy VOCs before they reach the atmosphere. By implementing these systems, flexographic printing companies can significantly reduce their environmental footprint and comply with stringent regulations.

Energy Efficiency

Efficiency is crucial in flexographic printing operations. S&SE’s RTOs not only enhance air quality but also optimise energy use through advanced heat recovery mechanisms. These systems capture thermal energy generated during VOC destruction and repurpose it within the process, reducing fuel consumption and operational costs. This innovative design ensures reliable performance with minimal maintenance, supporting continuous and efficient printing operations.

The Journey Ahead

As the Flexographic Printing Industry progresses towards sustainable practices, S&SE’s RTOs represent a significant leap forward. By customizing solutions to fit specific manufacturing setups, S&SE ensures seamless integration and maximum efficiency. The positive impacts of RTOs extend beyond emissions reduction, enhancing energy efficiency, operational reliability, and offering potential incentive rebates for energy-conscious businesses.

Recent Industry Research Highlights the Need for Pollution Abatement and Sustainability Practices

Recent industry trends are pushing toward new and some familiar expressions in the flexo design world. Expressive typography, identity defining illustration branding, attention holding motion techniques, comforting nostalgia elements, and futuristic foil techniques bring with them their own unique material and potential environmental challenges.

As the Flexographic Printing Industry embarks on a transformative journey towards sustainability, S&SE stands at the forefront with its RTO solutions and full service support inclusive of environmental permitting, collection systems, construction and installation to aftermarket service and support. By partnering closely with printing facilities, and major suppliers to the industry S&SE ensures that each installation meets the unique needs of the client, paving the way for a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable future in flexographic printing.

As Ozone is becoming a challenging issue in parts of the country for abatement, S&SE provides a solution for destroying and addressing this.

About Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc.

Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc. is a Long Beach, California-based, woman-owned, certified business specialising in air pollution capture and control systems for industrial applications. Ship & Shore helps major manufacturers meet Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) abatement challenges by providing customized, energy efficient air pollution abatement systems for various industries, resulting in improved operational efficiency and tailored “green” solutions. Since 2000, Ship & Shore has been prepared to handle and advise on the full spectrum of environmental needs with its complete array of engineering and manufacturing capabilities and global offices around the U.S., Canada, Europe, India, Thailand, China, and more. The Ship & Shore Technical Engineering Team has custom designed tailored solutions for clients throughout the world. For more information, visit

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