Kendra Scott is partnering with Abel’s Dream Foundation to fundraise and help continue to make a difference in their community

Empowering dreams, igniting hope, and transforming lives – Abel’s Dream Foundation is a beacon of light in the pursuit of a brighter future for our community”

— Desiree Campos

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 2, 2023 / — Abel’s Dream Foundation, a distinguished non-profit organization dedicated to empowering families with autistic children and other developmental disabilities, is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with Kendra Scott The Point, a renowned fashion and lifestyle brand. This partnership will culminate in an exclusive in-person fundraising event, poised to unite the community in support of a noble cause.

Scheduled for November 11, 2023, the event promises to make a significant impact by rallying the community to support and empower families facing the unique challenges posed by autism and developmental disabilities. Abel’s Dream Foundation has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to this mission, providing essential resources and support through grants for school, in-home expenses, and health expenses. These initiatives have transformed countless lives, ensuring that families in need receive the support required to thrive.

The mission of Abel’s Dream Foundation extends beyond childhood. They are committed to equipping adults with autism and disabilities with the skills, preparation, and job placement necessary for a life of fulfillment and productivity. The foundation firmly believes that every individual, regardless of their unique circumstances, should have the opportunity to lead a meaningful life.

Furthermore, Abel’s Dream Foundation is passionate about creating a compassionate and inclusive community by providing children and teenagers with access to crucial mental health services, educating them on the importance of mental well-being, and leading impactful anti-bullying campaigns. By addressing negative stigmas surrounding mental health, the foundation aims to foster a culture of empathy, understanding, and support.

Abel’s Dream Foundation is honored to partner with Kendra Scott The Point for this special event. On November 11th, 2023, the community is invited to join this transformative journey. When making a purchase at Kendra Scott The Point during the event, mentioning “Abel’s Dream” at checkout will result in 20% of the purchase being donated directly to the foundation. This support is crucial in enabling Abel’s Dream Foundation to continue its vital work.

Event Details:
Date: 11th November 2023
Location: Kendra Scott The Point
Time: 12 pm-2 pm

By participating in this event, individuals will make a lasting difference by providing hope and support to families facing autism and developmental disabilities. Abel’s Dream Foundation is committed to reminding families that they are not alone and that, together, a brighter future can be created for all.

About Abel’s Dream Foundation:
Abel’s Dream Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering families with autistic children and other developmental disabilities. They provide essential resources, support, and opportunities to ensure that these families thrive and lead fulfilling lives. Their mission is to create a caring community, promote mental well-being, and eradicate the negative stigmas surrounding developmental disabilities.

About Kendra Scott:
Kendra Scott is a renowned fashion and lifestyle brand celebrated for its exquisite jewelry, accessories, and home décor. Guided by the principles of family, fashion, and philanthropy, Kendra Scott believes that every person deserves a touch of beauty and a dose of kindness.

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