Side View Ventures Acquires 48% Stake in PFC3, Partnering with Nutrition Expert Mark Macdonald


SVV Founders Photo

Founders Kevin Harington, Michelle Lemmons-Poscente, and Billy Glynn

Side View Ventures has teamed up with nutrition guru Mark Macdonald to transform health products, just in time to launch the groundbreaking Zive 7.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2024 / — Announcing a major partnership, Side View Ventures has recently secured a 48% stake in PFC Holdings, a prominent nutrition and health and wellness products company. This acquisition brings together Side View Ventures with nutritional expert Mark Macdonald, opening a new chapter in the health and wellness industry.

Mark Macdonald, a two-time bestselling author and media personality, has been a leader in the nutrition sector for 30 years. His efforts to challenge traditional dieting methods are evident in his work with celebrities, athletes, and broad audiences globally. Macdonald’s teachings, books, and products have reached millions through platforms such as Dr. Oz and CNN. Nearly 30 years ago, he introduced the concept of balancing the glycemic index to maintain optimal health and weight management. Over the past nine years, PFC3 (Protein, Fats, and Carbs every 3 hours) has educated millions in 66 countries and generated over $750 million in product sales.

The first product from this new collaboration, Zive 7, a unique blood sugar and digestive health product, is scheduled to launch on July 8th. Macdonald, along with other nutritional experts like Sue Hitzmann, creator of the MELT Method, and various sports leagues and hall of fame athletes, will lead the launch. Collectively, they have a customer base of over 10 million loyal buyers.

As consumer health and weight management become greater priorities, PFC3’s products provide support before, during, and after using medications like Ozempic, by reducing side effects and promoting digestive and intestinal regularity. Notably, PFC3’s strong closed-loop system of dedicated buyers distinguishes them from competitors. As Macdonald puts it, “How could anyone not want to help the world, eat better, feel better, and live their best lives through very simple lifestyle changes?” The consistent high performance of PFC3, combined with its loyal customer base, makes the company an attractive acquisition target in the nutraceutical space.

“Side View Ventures is thrilled to join forces with PFC3 and Mark Macdonald. This partnership underscores our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the health and wellness industry,” said Michelle Poscente, founder of Side View Ventures. “We see tremendous potential in PFC3’s products and their ability to positively impact the lives of millions.”

Billy Glynn, co-founder of Side View Ventures, echoed this enthusiasm, stating, “The past three businesses through which Mark has sold his products have all been acquired. Having sold over $750 million of products in just these three companies alone over eight years speaks volumes. At Side View Ventures, we always aim for the stars and never settle for less!”

Looking ahead, Side View Ventures plans to further invest in the business and expects to complete a strategic round of capital in the coming weeks. This partnership with PFC3 represents a significant advancement in promoting innovation and success in the health and wellness industry.

Michelle Poscente
Side View Ventures