Silverberry Genomix Silverberry Genomix Learning Health System Method

Silverberry Genomix Learning Health System Method

The platform is designed to improve individuals’ health and personalized care through the integration of knowledge-generation processes into daily practice.

The integration of Silverberry and its Learning Health System into our collective significantly advances our mission, allows us to offer more comprehensive and personalized in-place care solutions.”

— Professor Bijan Najafi – Director, Center to Stream Healthcare in Place

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2023/ — Silverberry Genomix, a pioneer in personalized health services, today announced its partnership with the Center for Stream Healthcare in Place (C2SHIP), an initiative funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

To mark this significant collaboration, Silverberry is also launching its innovative Learning Health System Platform, designed to advance personalized care and health outcomes across the healthcare industry.

Silverberry’s Learning Health System Platform integrates knowledge-generation processes into everyday care routines, offering real-time, evidence-based care through the systematic combination of internal and external data. The system’s primary goal is to promote a data-driven decision-making environment that benefits patients, healthcare providers, and researchers by continually refining processes and offering personalized health education.

Central to this platform is the Silverberry Precision Health Platform, which utilizes genetic testing to provide personalized health assessments and recommendations, combined with personalized health education and support.

“Our goal at Silverberry Genomix is to combine data-driven personalization with improved health outcomes. By partnering with C2SHIP, we can leverage our combined strengths and bring more innovative and impactful solutions to the healthcare market,” said Shayan Mashatian, CEO and Founder of Silverberry Genomix.

C2SHIP’s mission aligns well with that of Silverberry’s, focusing on accelerating innovation through joint efforts with academic and industrial partners. The center’s strategy includes an emphasis on personalized technology for in-place care, engaging with members to promote innovation capacity, and fostering collaborations to create multi-center technology.

“The integration of Silverberry into our collective represents a significant step toward our mission. The potential of their Learning Health System Platform, combined with our focus on wearable sensors, data mining, and cybersecurity, allows us to offer more comprehensive and personalized in-place care solutions. This collaboration symbolizes the future of healthcare technology – multi-faceted, integrative, and patient-centric.” said Professor Bijan Najafi, Director of C2SHIP.

Through this collaboration, Silverberry Genomix and C2SHIP aim to combine their unique capabilities and strengths, pushing the boundaries of health technology innovation further, targeting superior patient care and healthier societies.

About C2SHIP
The Center for Stream Healthcare in Place (C2SHIP) is a NSF-funded initiative that brings together academic and industrial partners to develop healthcare technologies for in-place care. The center promotes innovative collaborations, emphasizing fundamental investigations and effective interactions to accelerate technology transfer. For more information, visit

About Silverberry Genomix
Silverberry Genomix is a leading provider of precision health company aimed at improving individuals’ health and personalized care through advanced AI technology and genetic testing. Its Learning Health System Platform benefits various healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, research institutions, and senior living organizations. For more information, visit

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