Renato Fimene and Thiago Roma win Best International Movie at LABRFF 2023


Renato Fimene at LABRFF Awards / Marcos Daniel Ferreira

Acclaimed by the jury, Fimene’s film portrays the situation of a homeless man in Los Angeles in pursuit of his dreams

My dream is to give more and more voice to those who are silenced, always valuing the plurality of speeches in my projects.”

— Renato Fimene

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, November 8, 2023 / — The short film SNAIL, directed by Renato Fimene, won Best International Film at the 16th Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival. The festival, which celebrates Brazilian cinema in an international setting, took place from October 23 to 26. “I’m very happy to have believed in our dream and proud to create the opportunity to give voice to silenced people,” said Fimene after the awards.

Inspired by the streets of Los Angeles and the people who occupy them, actor Renato Fimene wrote the story of Daniel, a homeless person who realizes that his dreams are not so easy to achieve when his reality is precarious. Fimene understands that SNAIL is not just about people living in Los Angeles, but rather a social issue and public calamity, unfortunately present throughout the world. “My dream is to give more and more voice to those who are silenced, always valuing the plurality of discourses in my projects,” Fimene says in conversation.

SNAIL is the first independent project by the actor and director, who intends to work on Feature Films and TV Series in the US and Internationally. Graduated from the Escola de Arte Dramatica (ECA/USP) Renato has worked on projects with directors and artists giving life to stories, characters, and voices to important themes in theater plays and cinema.

Along with Renato, the director of photography, Thiago Roma was present at the LABRFF and attended the awards ceremony. “Winning this award means more strength to keep believing in our dreams and strengthening Brazilian cinema,” says Roma.

Snail will run in more festivals in 2023 and 2024. More information can be found on the @snailthemovie.

Thais Eliasen
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