SoCal K9 Consulting Announces Group Training Classes at Pan Pacific Park


Toby trains a sweet golden doodle with a watchful eye from its owner.

HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA, August 24, 2023/ — Building on its already stellar reputation in canine training, SoCal K9 Consulting is thrilled to announce the launch of Group Classes starting September 9th, 2023, at Pan Pacific Park. These classes are specially designed to equip dog owners with the essential skills to improve their canine’s obedience and understanding.

Founded by decorated military veteran and Berkeley alumnus, Toby Anderson, SoCal K9 Consulting embodies a legacy of dedication, innovation, and excellence. Anderson’s unparalleled nine-year military background, spanning Texas to Bahrain as a Kennel Master, Trainer, and Handler, is the cornerstone of the company’s revolutionary approach to dog training. SoCal K9 Consulting’s training spectrum includes advanced obedience, controlled aggression, and service dog qualification.

Coming this September, the group training classes will be divided into three distinct tiers:

Group Class I – Basic Obedience Training (one-hour classes)
Six Sessions – $750
Commands – Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, Drop It, Clicker, Come, Heel, Break, and Socialization (6′ leash)
Limit 10 to a class

Group Class II – Intermediate & Advanced Obedience Training (one-hour classes)
Four Sessions – $500
Commands – Sit, Down, Stay, Come, & Heel (10′ to 50′ on leash to off leash)
Limit 6 to a class

Group Class III – Puppy Manners (one-hour classes and puppies must be fully vaccinated)
Four Sessions – $500
Commands – Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, Drop It, Come, Wait, Ok, Heel, Break, Socialization, Place, & Reinforcement Training
Limit 6 to a class

Toby’s significant contributions in the military, including his role as Kennel Master during a classified Persian Gulf mission and certifying 25 Military Working Dogs, are proof of his commitment to excellence. His recognition with the Air Force Commendation Medal and Air Force Achievement Medal (respectively) underscores his expertise.

In addition to offering unmatched canine training, Toby Anderson is an integral part of the Hollywood community. An avid beach volleyball and softball enthusiast, he also serves as the president of the Berkeley Haas Alumni LA Chapter.
SoCal K9 Consulting’s new group classes, combined with its community initiatives and Toby’s illustrious background, continue to solidify its status as a paragon in canine training. For a deeper look into the world of SoCal K9 Consulting and Toby Anderson’s remarkable journey, visit

About SoCal K9 Consulting: Blending military precision with a passion for dogs, SoCal K9 Consulting is at the forefront of revolutionizing canine training methodologies. Founded by Toby Anderson, the consultancy commits to empowering communities through canine training, community initiatives, and educational programs.

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