Paris Treasure Hunt Adventures with Kristen Thomasino - The Social Good Magazine Show

Paris Treasure Hunt Adventures with Kristen Thomasino – The Social Good Magazine Show

The Social Good Magazine Show, Season 1  Episode Covers. Raffles van Exel, Kristal Kent, Mike Howren, D Angelika Wagner, Star Conferences

The Social Good Magazine Show, Season 1 Episode Covers. Raffles van Exel, Kristal Kent, Mike Howren, Angelika Wagner, Star Conferences

The Ukraine Russia Peace Campaign with Miss Ukraine, Olga Rechdouni for Social Good. Pictured Kristen Thomasino, Creator of Thomasino Media LLC holding “The Social Good Magazine Volume 2” in Duroque

Group photo of attendees of the World Women Forum 2023 in Paris, France at the Zenitude Spa & Hotel.

World Women Forum 2023 Paris, France hosted by Star-Icon Conferences. Global speaking tour uniting 70+ inspirational game changing thought leaders.

Star Icon World Women Forum 2023 in Paris, France shared messages of hope and inspiration for solutions for global peace with 70+ thought leaders. Photo : Thomasino Media LLC

Star Icon World Women Forum 2023 in Paris, France shared messages of hope and inspiration for solutions for global peace with 70+ thought leaders. Photo : Thomasino Media LLC

Global tourism is important for our success now and in the future. If we are determined we will find paths to make it more affordable and accessible to travel.

Traveling to Paris after I spent a long investing in my physical rehabilitation was like having another chance at life again. I walked the streets with new energy and my eyes ready for new wonder.”

— Kristen Thomasino

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/ — The Social Good Magazine series is a concept created by Kristen Thomasino. Thomasino Media attended a human rights conference for women to see what women and men worldwide were doing for social good. The Ukraine-Russia War is discussed in “The Social Good Magazine Volume 2” to share a call for peace from the first-ever Miss Ukraine. Kristen Thomasino carried that message to the audience of the World Women forum in her live keynote at the event.

Thomasino is passionate about elevating others where she can with her media organization. Travel has always been a passion for Thomasino since she was a child. Her parents regularly explored the country yearly, making it essential to do as a family each year. When Thomasino had an unexpected accident, falling down 15 feet of stairs to avoid tripping over her dog, Gumbo, her life changed. Her body went into severe pain and suffering with severe Fibromyalgia. She employed various specialists to help her restore her capabilities over many years. Her portfolio is designed as milestones of her recovery after entering into very high daily pain levels, periods of muscular weakness, and severe brain fog.

Thomasino commented, “I never wanted to give up. I kept challenging myself. Now, I challenge others to do the work and be able to travel. After years of chronic pain, you will do anything to get yourself relieved from those sensations and restore your functions that you can’t use like before. I learned that my body could manage well and hold up if I did the work. Yes, it hurt tremendously during my training years. I had to make my way through that daily torment. I had very kind people that would reach out via the Internet. That helped a lot. They didn’t have to, and they did. I am grateful for my community’s support. This episode of “The Social Good Magazine Show” was fun to assemble. France is just wow! The history of Paris. The beautiful historical spaces that they have maintained are just remarkable. What a gift for humanity and an example of stewardship. On my journey, I was lucky to meet Florence Ollivier, a French Writer. She and I had a good time visiting various spots in Paris. What I appreciated about my time with Florence was her friendship and openness to have some adventures with me. That’s the worldwide community and safety we need to explore the world. Especially women. Women still are the target of so much violence. Finding people you can expand your worldview with is so important now. Everyone experienced very unique traumatic experiences during the last few years. It’s time now to make new positive experiences.”

Florence Ollivier, a French Author, took founder Kristen Thomasino around the city to study various historical markings. “I loved experiencing the local transit system, walking the streets, tasting the food, and embracing the historical tourism available in France, especially in Paris. Filming for The Social Good Magazine episode was easy to do with the amazing backdrops. The streets were busy with tourists, especially in the popular tourist areas like around the Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, and Eiffel Tower,” Thomasino noted.

Thomasino commented, ” I spent lots of days just walking for hours the streets of Paris during the filming. It’s fascinating to study other periods and to search for what these symbols of their time meant to them. It’s how they communicated. Today, we are in the digital world. There are lots of ways we can communicate. After what we have experienced, let’s ask ourselves what messages we want to take in, from whom, and what messages we want to share. I had a great time with my show guest, Florence. She was a fantastic partner to explore the streets of Paris with. The message I got from her was welcome to France. Let’s have some fun and go dance.”

After a successful trip overseas to speak as a keynote speaker for the World Women Forum 2023 in Paris, France, it was essential to branch out and finish up some scheduled projects in America, like releasing Season 1 of “The Social Good Magazine Show” and Season 1 and 2 of “Woo! with Kristen Thomasino.”

Paris, France, isn’t the only stop for the year that’s on the calendar for Thomasino Media. Kristen Thomasino will be traveling to Palm Springs, California, to attend Dinah Shore this year to continue her travels and coverage of women’s events for her next seasons of the “The Social Good Magazine Show” and sharing about the new application called Buddytown available on Apple and Android for others to find resources and connect with other special causes for social good.

Featured in Buddytown, the application is a variety of content from Thomasino Media and various networks set up by Buddytown Consulting to provide community to all kinds of people. You can watch Kristen’s season 1 adventures on many platforms, including YouTube. Check out some of her adventures in Palm Springs, attending Coachella and Dinah Shore last season in “Los Angeles and Southern California Travel and Entertainment with Kristen Thomasino.” Volume 2 and Season 1 highlight DJ Leslie Ortiz and Dinah Shore Host Rose Garcia. Both are performing at this year’s Dinah Shore event and continuing to enable safe spaces for self-expression. The Thomasino Media team will be networking to meet others with stories to share for social good at the events.

Thomasino said, “My goal is to get the word out and continue to grow my network reach and produce new content to challenge others to think differently. Go big! Verbalize where you want to go. Why. Then, could you make a plan and do it? That’s how I and everyone else who has succeeded here have operated successfully. You have to be a visionary. You have to challenge yourself out of your safety zone. You never know who you will end up meeting.”

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