This company is pioneering comprehensive online reputation management and innovative social screening solutions.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 31, 2024 / — In today’s interconnected digital world, awareness of one’s social media history has never been more crucial. Whether it’s college admissions officers evaluating character, employers seeking insights into a candidate’s professionalism, or potential customers assessing professional services, one’s online footprint mirrors his or her personal or corporate narrative.

This digital legacy, composed of every like, share, comment, and post, can open doors to opportunities or close them, making it imperative to not only be mindful of what people project online but also to actively manage and curate one’s digital presence to align with who people are and aspire to be in the real world.

SocialTrase steps into this gap, offering a comprehensive look at one’s 7-year social media history based on 12 risk classifications, keyword searches, sentiment analysis, and image content analysis across seven major social media platforms and includes original posts, likes, comments, replies, reposts, and images on each post. The company can even extract and analyze the text from memes.

SocialTrase helps individuals build their brand by curating and shaping their online persona. By screening and managing social media profiles, individuals can present themselves in a positive and professional light. It helps them monitor what others can see about them online.

Individuals can ensure that their online reputation accurately reflects their character and values. By screening profiles, people can remove or hide content that potential employers might see as unprofessional or inappropriate. People can review and delete any outdated or irrelevant posts, photos, or comments. This ensures their social media profiles remain current and aligned with their goals and interests.

By actively managing their profiles, people can control the information available about them online. Screening one’s posts and interactions can help the individual identify and rectify any potentially offensive or misunderstood content that may have unintended consequences.

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About Social Trase

SocialTrase is a leading force in social media screening, transforming how employers and educational institutions make informed decisions. Utilizing advanced machine learning, the platform offers a comprehensive analysis of digital footprints, ensuring a clear understanding of individuals. Committed to neutrality and Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance, SocialTrase empowers users with practical and ethical social screening solutions.

Hubert Jerome