Stared Unveils Innovative Phone Grip Revolutionizing Mobile Device Experience

Stared's Maxiic Phone Grip

With a thickness of just 2.5mm ( roughly equivalent to 2 pieces of paper) , Maxiic phone grip offers a sleek and slim profile, ensuring a comfortable grip without adding unnecessary bulk to your phone.

Stared Launches Maxiic Phone Grip: A Game-Changer in Stability and Grip for Seamless Mobile Device Interaction

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES , August 17, 2023/ — Stared, a trailblazing company committed to enhancing smartphone functionality, is proud to announce the launch of their groundbreaking product, the Maxiic Phone Grip. This innovative accessory is poised to revolutionize the way users interact with their mobile devices, offering unparalleled convenience and functionality.

The Maxiic Phone Grip is more than just a phone holder – it’s a versatile stand with 360-degree rotation and a finger ring for effortless one-finger holding. Crafted with precision and innovation, the grip’s unique design ensures a secure yet smooth rotation that remains steadfastly in place when required. The ingenious kickstand feature enables hands-free viewing, ensuring users can enjoy their favorite shows, videos, or video calls with unprecedented ease.

One of the standout features of the Maxiic Phone Grip is its ultra-slim profile, measuring an astonishing 2.5mm in thickness. Unlike bulkier alternatives, the Maxiic Grip seamlessly adheres to the back of any smartphone, ensuring a secure and hassle-free grip. Even more impressively, this slim design doesn’t compromise the smartphone’s wireless charging capabilities, allowing users to charge their devices without any hassle.

Crafted with high-quality engineering plastic, the Maxiic Phone Grip delivers superior strength and resilience. This engineering marvel provides a lasting and reliable phone holding solution, capable of withstanding a remarkable 5KG of pulling force. What’s more, the grip boasts an impressive lifespan of 3000 to 5000 uses, ensuring that it remains a dependable companion for users in their daily smartphone interactions.

“Our mission was to create a phone grip that marries elegance, practicality, and effortless use,” said Tiffany Cen, Founder and CEO of Stared. “With Maxiic, we’ve not only met that objective but exceeded it, redefining how users interact with their smartphones. We are truly excited to introduce this revolutionary product to the world.”

To kickstart this groundbreaking venture, Stared is launching a Kickstarter campaign to introduce the Maxiic Phone Grip to a global audience. The campaign will provide backers with exclusive access to the product, allowing them to be among the first to experience the future of smartphone functionality.

“We are inviting backers to embark on this exciting journey of reimagining smartphone ergonomics,” added Tiffany Cen. “Through our Kickstarter campaign, supporters have the opportunity to be part of the Maxiic revolution right from the start.”

With a dedication to innovation and user-centric design, Stared is poised to reshape the way people engage with their smartphones. The Maxiic Phone Grip is set to become an essential accessory for anyone seeking enhanced comfort, convenience, and versatility in their mobile device experience.

For more information about the Maxiic Phone Grip and to join the Kickstarter campaign, please visit here.

About Stared:
Stared is a cutting-edge company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of smartphone accessory design. With a focus on innovation, quality, and user experience, Stared aims to elevate the way users interact with their mobile devices. The Maxiic Phone Grip represents the culmination of Stared’s vision for seamless, functional, and stylish smartphone accessories.

Tiffany Cen