A major step toward the future of personalized AI-powered entertainment

CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Iconic Hearts, the company behind viral social media apps Sendit, Noteit, and Locksmith, today announced its latest hit Starmatch now enables real-time phone calls with celebrity content creators, all powered by AI. With this update, users are just one call away from their most admired celebrities as Starmatch’s innovative app experience is changing the way fans engage with their idols.

Since the dawn of celebrity culture, fans have always dreamed of the day they meet their favorite stars. Starmatch is making this dream a reality with its latest phone call feature, enabling users to speak to some of the biggest content creators in the world in an indistinguishable AI experience. Each celebrity on Starmatch operates and trains their own AI to mimic their real-life behaviors, preferences, and experiences. Fans can easily give them a ring, ask them for advice, and build long-lasting relationships.

“The next big social media wave will revolve around AI-powered entertainment, and we want to position our company to be at the forefront of this,” said Iconic Hearts founder Hunter Rice. “Real-time phone calls, entirely generated by AI, feel like magic and will continue to exponentially improve.”

As the creator economy grows, the time constraint for both creators and fans is becoming increasingly challenging. Starmatch was built to help these creators amplify their personalities using AI to connect with their online communities during all hours of the day.

After launching in 2023, Starmatch quickly reached #1 in the App Store, proving a strong public interest in AI-powered entertainment. It has since become the easiest way for celebrities and fans to interact on a personal level. Once users download the app, they can begin connecting with their favorite creators by sending text messages, uploading photos, receiving personalized voice replies, and now, making real-time phone calls.

About Starmatch:
Starmatch is a product developed by Iconic Hearts, Inc., the leading Gen Alpha app developer behind prominent social apps including Sendit, Noteit, and Locksmith. The company is based in Culver City, California, and was founded by Hunter Rice in 2019. The company’s mission is to become the primary destination where every social interaction for Gen Alpha can happen. For more information visit: http://iconichearts.com/

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