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LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2024 / — Steve Harvill, a top business strategist, best-selling author, and President of Creative Ventures, provides aspiring entrepreneurs with sound and actionable business advice. With his extensive experience and keen insights, Harvill equips entrepreneurs with the tools and strategies they need to navigate the complexities of the business world.


“My next book – ‘ANYBODY ANYWHERE – The Entrepreneurial Spirit in Everyone,’ I have interviewed over 400 entrepreneurs. Utilizing our pattern identification method, I asked each participant the same ten questions. From their answers, we identified a series of power behaviors found in successful business owners. This is a blueprint for entrepreneurial success,” explains Harvill.

Here are two of the dominant patterns:

The Simplicity Spectrum:

Entrepreneurs rank high on what is termed the simplicity spectrum. This means they focus on creating simple plans around their chosen markets. This simplicity significantly impacts their ability to produce consistent outcomes. It allows them to develop quick connections around their ideas, secure capital if needed, and ensure a common understanding of their product or service. Entrepreneurs apply this commitment to simplicity in various aspects of their business, including reporting formats, marketing endeavors, and hiring practices. Simplicity helps entrepreneurs link their ideas to their markets, enabling them to realize their visions.

The Emotional Spectrum:

Being an entrepreneur is an emotion-filled journey. A key aspect of entrepreneurial success is the ability to manage and navigate through a range of emotions. Entrepreneurs must handle the anxiety of unpredictable futures and understand the role of failure in learning to run a business. They must avoid becoming slaves to their emotions, as this can lead to dependency on them for measuring success. This aspect of the entrepreneurial journey is complex, and most entrepreneurs arrive at a successful model through trial and error. Developing resilience and managing emotional highs and lows are crucial for entrepreneurial success.


A crucial question that every individual and organization should ask annually is, “How do I get better?” This question drives improvement in three key areas:

Experience: Gaining more experience in one’s chosen field enhances understanding of the elements that lead to success. This involves actively engaging in work and accumulating practical knowledge.

Knowledge: Acquiring knowledge is surprisingly accessible, with vast information available at the click of a mouse. Individuals should dedicate time to reading, taking classes, attending conferences, and watching videos related to their business. Knowledge acquisition requires a commitment to learning and recognizing its importance for professional growth.

Skill Sets: This involves evaluating existing skills and those that need development. Individuals should plan to improve their skills, which often connects to gaining experience and knowledge. Additionally, identifying gaps in skill sets—such as presentation skills or problem-solving abilities—and creating a plan to address these gaps is essential for career advancement.

By focusing on these three key areas, individuals can develop a successful career plan and achieve significant professional growth.

Steve Harvill, as the President of Creative Ventures, brings over four decades of experience in sharing innovative concepts and strategies across a diverse range of companies. From Fortune 500 giants to burgeoning startups, Steve and his team at Creative Ventures have developed transformative programs that break through industry boundaries and challenge conventional thinking. With a foundation in science and a successful tenure as president of two companies, Steve leverages his leadership expertise and empirical insights to strengthen his principles. Whether delivering presentations, facilitating workshops, or providing consultancy services, Steve consistently offers actionable insights in Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Innovation, and The Client Experience to drive business growth. His impressive client roster, featuring prominent names like Apple, Zappos, IBM, Frito Lay, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo, underscores the significant impact he makes on every project he engages in.

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