Studio SHAYNE is breathing new life into the jewelry scene



Studio SHAYNE is making jewelry you’ll want to have

Studio SHAYNE is making jewelry you’ll want to have

Studio SHAYNE is making iconic jewelry One-of-a-Kind

The talisman chooses you- just as you choose it.”

— Shayne Meyer -Designer

LOS ANGELES , CA, UNITED STATES , July 29, 2023/ — So much meaning is held within their talismanic jewelry. The studio’s motivation is simple – making beautiful objects you want to wear and want to keep. Every item carries its own story and asks to unravel a new story. The magical elements in their jewelry empower the wearer to feel closer to their body’s divine energy, aiding their journey of self-discovery.

Their collections include signature talismans as well as collaborations with noteworthy young artists such as Yousef Sabry and LE BLANC studios. From delicate necklaces and dripping bangles, to intricate one jewelry set with hand-picked, precious gemstones – the studio encourages to build a distinct armor to protect everyone’s personal energy, come what may.

Few things we wear become as one with our skin as the jewels we carefully put on every day as a ritual of dress.

The studio is passionately committed to sustainable and ethical practices. Considering their jewelry is individually crafted with true and pure materials, it is a guarantee it will be cherished forever.

Their production takes place locally at the historic Diamond District in New York City; master jewelers who are deeply knowledgeable are employed to help create each collection. Ofering affordable gold and silver jewelry pieces is a cornerstone of the business: Shayne herself is very passionate about jewelry knowledge, and makes insightful and fun tiktoks on how to clean gold and silver jewelry.

The studio’s upcoming collection, “The Fall of Rome” debuts this September. Inspired by the fate of empires and the profound connections between history and the present, this captivating

The collection will feature one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to the enduring allure of jewelry as a treasure of meaning, history, and emotions. Stay tuned to watch for its release.

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