North America's most liberal cities by Lust Mag

North America’s most liberal cities

San Francisco is North America‘s most sexually liberal city.

SAN FRANCISCO, USA, August 22, 2023/ — August 2023. In a groundbreaking new study, Lust Mag unveils the 30 most sexually permissive and liberal cities in North America. This research sheds light on the cities where sexual freedom and inclusivity thrive, contributing to a more developed and inclusive society.

Lust Mag’s comprehensive approach amalgamates data from various categories to rank the cities based on their sexual permissiveness. Key parameters include the prevalence of gay bars, LGBTQI+ events, sex shops and swinger clubs as well as access to abortion and PrEP medication and anti-discrimination and sex worker protection laws. “We aimed to provide a reliable measure of sexual permissiveness by considering multiple dimensions and strengths of each city,” explains Steffen Hafenmayer, the lead researcher behind the study.

The study’s importance lies in the correlation between sexual freedom and overall societal inclusivity. It reflects how a society values and respects minority orientations, genders, and races. Such inclusivity is often hindered by traditional, religious, or political arguments, as witnessed in the struggles faced by LGBTQI+ and women’s rights movements.

The results of Lust Mag’s ranking provide intriguing insights. San Francisco emerges as the most sexually open city in North America, boasting a score of 73. The city’s high marks in categories such as gay bars and organisations contribute to its reputation as a haven for sexual positivity. Canada also shines in the rankings, with cities like Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, and Ottawa making the top 10. Canadian cities benefit from liberal legislation and progressive attitudes towards sexual freedom.

South of the border, Seattle and Denver follow San Francisco in the United States rankings, while New York secures a respectable place despite its dense population. Meanwhile, cities in the more conservative southern states of the US find themselves lower down the list. In Mexico, Guadalajara leads the pack, with Puebla, Monterrey, and Mexico City following closely. These cities demonstrate average results in terms of sexual permissiveness.

“The findings of our study shed light on the complex relationship between sexual freedom and societal inclusivity,” Hafenmayer says. “We hope that this ranking serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking communities where they can live free from discrimination and embrace their own identities.”

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