Sumner Stroh Collaborates with Playboy: Radar Online Reveals Music’s Newest Bunny

Instagram post by Playboy announcing Sumner Stroh as their newest Bunny, symbolizing a partnership of empowerment and authenticity.

Playboy’s official Instagram announcement welcoming Sumner Stroh as their newest Bunny. A collaboration that symbolizes empowerment, authenticity, and a new era in Playboy’s legacy.

LA-based singer Sumner Stroh takes center stage as Playboy’s newest Bunny. Radar Online shares the exclusive scoop.

Being a Playboy Bunny is about confidence, self-expression, and breaking barriers. I’m honored to be part of this legacy.”

— Sumner Stroh, Singer-Songwriter and Advocate

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2023/ — In a move that’s turning heads and sparking conversation, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Sumner Stroh has officially become a Playboy Bunny. Radar Online recently sat down with her to get the inside story, and the details are as intriguing as the collaboration itself.

Sumner’s association with Playboy isn’t just about the iconic bunny ears; it’s a statement of authenticity and empowerment. “I’m all about challenging norms and empowering listeners,” Stroh shared with Radar Online, “and Playboy’s the perfect place to do just that.”

Loren Piretra, Vice President of Creators and Marketing at Playboy, expressed excitement about Sumner’s addition to their creator platform, stating, “Sumner’s got that something special, and she fits right in with our values.”

“Sumner’s always been about empowerment,” said Daniel de Castellane, her Publicist and Media Expert. “This Playboy collaboration is just another way she’s getting her message out there.”

Her recent song “Love to Hate” exemplifies this fearless attitude, with its powerful message of self-love and resilience. Sumner’s not just making waves; she’s riding them, unapologetically authentic and unafraid to be herself.

For the full story on Sumner Stroh’s new role as a Playboy Bunny and what it means for her music, head over to the Radar Online article. And if you’re curious about her music, check out her single “Love to Hate” and follow her on Instagram

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