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ASAP Semiconductor announces a continued effort to expand offerings on its website Surge Aviation to meet a rising demand for civil aviation parts.

With an expanded selection of commercial jet parts and aircraft components, Surge Aviation is well-equipped to meet the rising demand within the aviation industry.”

— Joe Faruqui

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2024 / — In response to a growing global demand for commercial aircraft parts, Surge Aviation, a website owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, is pleased to announce an ongoing commitment to expanding its extensive inventory selection. This strategic move aims to better serve the needs of aviation professionals by providing an unparalleled selection of high-quality aircraft components and parts on a single purchasing platform.

Surge Aviation specializes in offering a comprehensive range of commercial aircraft parts, including commercial aircraft bearings, PMA parts, and other critical aircraft components. Since its inception and with continued development carried out by the ASAP Semiconductor team, the website has consistently proven to be a reliable resource for aviation professionals seeking dependable and efficient solutions for their maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) needs.

The expansion of Surge Aviation’s inventory comes at a crucial time when the aviation industry is experiencing a significant increase in demand for commercial jet parts. As such, the website plans to feature an even broader array of components, ensuring that customers can easily find the specific parts they need to keep their fleets operational and safe. This includes adding and organizing a wide selection of parts by ATA chapters, which simplifies the search process and enhances the user experience.

ASAP Semiconductor, the exclusive distributor and supplier for Surge Aviation, continues to uphold its reputation for excellence by ensuring that all parts listed on the website meet stringent quality standards. For example, the company’s dedication to quality is evident in its rigorous sourcing and inspection processes, which ensure that only high-caliber components are made available to customers. This commitment to quality is particularly important for critical components such as commercial aircraft bearings and PMA parts, which play a vital role in the safety and performance of aircraft.

As mentioned prior, one of the key aspects of Surge Aviation’s offerings is the extensive range of aircraft bearings. These components are essential for the smooth operation of various aircraft systems, and Surge Aviation ensures that its inventory consistently includes bearings that meet the highest standards of durability and performance. By providing a reliable source for these crucial parts with new additions constantly made, Surge Aviation helps aviation professionals maintain the highest levels of operational efficiency and safety.

In addition to aircraft bearings, Surge Aviation has also significantly expanded its selection of PMA parts. Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) parts are beneficial for their quality standards that meet OEM alternatives while often being cheaper on average, presenting a cost savings solution for varying needs. By offering a wide variety of PMA parts, Surge Aviation supports the aviation industry’s need for cost-effective and compliant solutions. This not only helps reduce maintenance costs, but also ensures that aircraft remain in optimal condition, thereby enhancing overall safety and reliability.

ASAP Semiconductor operates with an aim of making the procurement process simple on all of its purchasing platforms, and Surge Aviation’s user-friendly design and curated catalogs allow customers to easily search for parts by ATA chapters, CAGE Codes, part types, manufacturers, aircraft models, and so much more which is a significant advantage for those looking to quickly find the components they need. This streamlined search capability saves time and reduces the potential for errors, further enhancing the efficiency of the procurement process.

In conclusion, Surge Aviation’s ongoing commitment to enhancing its supply of commercial aircraft parts underscores its dedication to supporting the aviation industry’s growing needs. With an expanded inventory that includes commercial aircraft bearings, PMA parts, and a wide range of aircraft components categorized by ATA chapters, Surge Aviation is well-positioned to meet the demands of aviation professionals worldwide. Backed by the expertise and reliability of ASAP Semiconductor, Surge Aviation continues to provide the high-quality parts and exceptional service that customers have come to expect. For more information about Surge Aviation and its extensive range of commercial aircraft parts, please visit the website at or contact ASAP Semiconductor directly.

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