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Swivel Vision sports training goggles

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Swivel Vision’s revolutionary sports training goggles will appear on Boom America TV, highlighting their transformative impact on athletic focus and performance

Such an incredible opportunity for our company to be in front of millions of people!”

— Jim Konkler

ORANGE , CA, US, September 14, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Swivel Vision, the innovative sports training goggle designed for athletes of all ages and across various sports, is set to make its highly anticipated appearance on the Boom America TV Show. With a commitment to aiding athletes in enhancing their focus and optimizing their performance, Swivel Vision’s spotlight on Boom America, hosted by the renowned Kevin Harrington, is a testament to the company’s breakthrough approach in sports training.

Originating from the insights of High School Football Coach Jim Konkler, Swivel Vision was conceived out of a need to help players concentrate better in the game. Jim, along with his lifelong friend Joe Valenti, crafted an initial prototype using ski goggles, a rubber base, and duct tape. The concept was to limit the peripheral and lower vision of athletes, thus training them to use both eyes effectively at all times, enhancing their hand-eye coordination, focus, and reaction speed. Following numerous iterations, a versatile one-size-fits-all design was developed. Today, Swivel Vision stands as a testament to innovation, collaboration, and a deep understanding of athletes’ needs.

Notably, Swivel Vision has already gained acclaim on global platforms such as ESPN and has been implemented in training regimens of professional athletes worldwide. The goggles are specifically designed for non-contact practice and are not intended for protective use.

Konkler expressed his excitement about the upcoming feature, stating, “Such an incredible opportunity for our company to be in front of millions of people!”

As Swivel Vision continues its journey to reshape sports training, its feature on Boom America stands as a significant milestone, showcasing the impact of vision-focused training on the athletic community.

About Swivel Vision-
Founded on the principles of enhancing athletic focus, Swivel Vision offers innovative sports training goggles designed for athletes across all sports and age groups. Conceived by Coach Jim Konkler, these groundbreaking goggles aim to improve hand-eye coordination, reaction speed, and overall game performance by narrowing an athlete’s vision. Swivel Vision proudly stands as a testament to innovation, dedication, and a deep understanding of athletes’ needs.

About Boom America-
Boom America is a life-changing show hosted by none other than the legendary Kevin Harrington. A pioneer of the infomercial industry and an original star of the hit TV series Shark Tank, Kevin leads a powerhouse team of business experts on a mission to take various innovative companies to new heights. The real work begins as the chosen companies embark on a journey of explosive growth, guided every step of the way by the seasoned professionals of Kevin’s team. Get ready for a game-changing ride in 2023!

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