Synrje Introduces New Line of Protein Bars for a Delicious Step Towards Wellness


This company combines organic ingredients and adaptogens for optimal health.

ENCINO, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2024 / — Finding a protein bar that combines great taste with genuinely beneficial ingredients can be challenging. Most options are either loaded with sugar and artificial additives or lack the essential nutrients for a balanced diet. Synrje addresses this issue by launching its new line of protein bars, designed to enhance everyday health and performance.

Crafted with care by the company’s physician founder, these bars offer a nutritious alternative to traditional supplements, ensuring a balance of taste and beneficial ingredients. Driven by a passion for functional nutrition, Synrje protein bars stand out due to their unique composition.

Each bar is packed with organic ingredients and fortified with adaptogens, which support the body’s stress response. This combination not only provides essential nutrients but also promotes overall well-being.

The Synrje line includes five distinct flavors, each formulated to address specific health needs:

1. Ignition – Vanilla Coconut
Ignition bar boosts energy, focus, and productivity. Key ingredients include Maca Root, known for enhancing vitality and endurance, and supportive elements like shredded coconut, MCT oil, and matcha. With 12 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, and only 5 grams of net carbs per serving, Ignition is perfect for those needing sustained energy throughout the day.

2. Nirvana – Peanut Butter
Nirvana bar is formulated to promote relaxation and restful sleep. Its core adaptogen is ashwagandha, which supports a sense of well-being and calm. Complementary ingredients include MCT oil, cinnamon, and turmeric. Nirvana is ideal for anyone looking to reduce stress and improve mood.

3. Harmony – Apple Cinnamon
Harmony bar supports body restoration and balance. The bar’s main ingredient, Amla Berry, is celebrated for its antioxidant properties and benefits to liver health, hair, and weight management. With additional support from cinnamon, MCT oil, and ginger, Harmony helps stabilize blood sugar levels and promote overall wellness. This bar is perfect for those seeking a holistic approach to health, providing essential nutrients that support both physical and mental Well-being.

4. Eternal – Mocha
Eternal bar is formulated to assist with longevity and youthfulness. This mocha-flavored bar features Chaga Mushroom as the core adaptogen, appreciated for its unique blend of plant compounds known for antioxidant properties. Eternal supports aging, inflammatory issues, collagen, and bone health. With ingredients like cacao nibs, MCT oil, and matcha, this bar is designed to help users age gracefully while maintaining overall well-being.

5. Essence – Chocolate
Essence bar aims to enhance core health and combat fatigue. Reishi Mushroom, the central adaptogen, is valued for its rich antioxidant content and immune-boosting properties. Accompanied by sunflower seeds, MCT oil, and chia seeds, this bar supports fatigue recovery and optimal immune function.

Synrje bars are distinguished by their adaptogen cores, which include Maca Root, Ashwagandha, Amla Berry, and Reishi Mushroom. These are supported by various nutritious ingredients such as shredded coconut, MCT oil, matcha, cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger.

Together, they form a balanced, synergistic blend that enhances the body’s natural functions. Each bar is meticulously crafted to ensure optimal texture and taste. They are doctor-backed, keto-friendly, gluten-free, and made with organic ingredients, aligning with Synrje’s commitment to high-quality nutrition.

Today, when there is a growing demand for health-conscious and functional foods, consumers are increasingly seeking products that provide not just basic nutrition, but also additional health benefits. Synrje bars cater to this trend by incorporating adaptogens and organic ingredients, addressing the needs of those looking for convenient, nutritious options to support their active Lifestyles.

Customers have praised Synrje bars for their effectiveness and taste. Stephen from the United States shares, “Ignition has become my absolute favorite bar! It’s delicious and aligns perfectly with my morning routine.” Darrell W. adds, “Just the burst of energy I needed! The taste was decent, and I look forward to trying other flavors.”

Synrje’s protein bars are available for purchase online, with each flavor priced at $28.99 for an eight-pack. Join the movement towards a healthier, balanced lifestyle with Synrje’s innovative protein bars. Fuel that everyday warrior and live purely complete with Synrje.

To buy, browse, or learn more about the brand, visit or follow them on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and X accounts through @‌synrje.

About Synrje

Synrje was founded on the principle of promoting a healthy lifestyle through balanced nutrition. The company emphasizes the importance of natural foods over quick fixes, aiming to improve life quality through the synergy of specific foods and adaptogens. This philosophy is reflected in its protein bars, which are crafted to help individuals perform at their highest level throughout the day.

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