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Hearing in progress

Tech Unicorn’s LA Court Connect upgrade redefines access to justice in LA County with 30,000 users empowered.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2023 / — Tech Unicorn is proud to announce the upgrade of LA Court Connect, with the latest version of Unicorn Digital Courtroom, a revolutionary platform that delivers seamless remote access to courts. The LA Court Connect application is now operational in 260 courtrooms throughout Los Angeles County, facilitating daily connections for over 30,000 users. Unicorn Digital Courtroom is an innovative platform that aims to enhance access to justice while upholding security and compliance standards through Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure.

The Los Angeles Superior Courts have long been dedicated to ensuring equitable access to justice for all residents of Los Angeles County. The LA Court Connect application, delivered by Tech Unicorn, aligns perfectly with this commitment by offering an efficient and user-friendly solution for individuals and legal professionals to remotely access the court system. This application empowers self-represented litigants, attorneys, and other stakeholders to navigate the judicial process seamlessly.

Tech Unicorn, a prominent technology company, is renowned for its cutting-edge solutions in the legal and justice sector. With a reputation for innovation and excellence, Tech Unicorn is once again leading the way in technology adoption within the justice system.

“Ani Dave,” CEO of Tech Unicorn, expressed the significance of this upgrade, saying, “The enhanced release of LA Court Connect represents a pivotal moment in our commitment to redefining access to justice. We’re dedicated to providing innovative solutions that simplify and improve the legal process for all, and this upgrade takes us another step closer to that goal.”

Key Features of LA Court Connect: The LA Court Connect application offers a range of self-help features designed to simplify and enhance access to the court system for self-represented litigants, legal professionals, agencies, and the community. Notable features include:

1. Remote Court Appearances: Enabling users to appear remotely in Los Angeles Superior Courts, reducing the need for in-person appearances and streamlining court proceedings.
2. User-Friendly Interface: Providing an intuitive interface for simplified navigation of legal processes, ensuring accessibility to a broad user-base.
3. Real-time Document Management: Offering secure document submission and retrieval for efficient exchange of critical legal documents.
4. Secure and Scalable Cloud Infrastructure:
– Leveraging Microsoft Azure for the highest level of security and scalability.
– Ensuring compliance with stringent data protection and privacy standards, meeting the needs of justice agencies such as the police department, prisons, and family welfare organizations.

The integration of Azure’s cloud infrastructure ensures a secure and interoperable environment for justice agencies, promoting efficient data-sharing and collaboration among relevant entities.

LA Court Connect by Tech Unicorn represents a significant leap toward the digitization of the justice system and aligns with Los Angeles Superior Courts’ commitment to equal access to justice. This initiative modernizes the court system, fostering a more inclusive and efficient legal process for all stakeholders.

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About Tech Unicorn: Tech Unicorn is a leading technology company specializing in innovative solutions for the legal and justice sector. With a focus on enhancing access to justice, Tech Unicorn consistently leads the way in transformative technology within the legal industry.

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