The Dialogue Surrounding Evolution Continues in Robert J. O’Keefe’s Workbook

CHULA VISTA, CA, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2024 / — Robert J. O’Keefe continues to explore the longstanding debate on the origins of the universe, Earth, and life in Gaining the High Ground Over Evolutionism (Workbook), the insightful companion to his main book. This comprehensive workbook, published by PageTurner Press and Media, offers a structured approach to understanding the ideological and scientific discussions surrounding evolutionism. It is designed to engage readers in an interactive learning process.

Reviewing the ongoing debate, O’Keefe goes beyond the confines of conventional science to address the philosophical and ideological nature of evolutionary science. He reviews the scientific revolution and its impact on Western thought and explores the interpretation of Genesis 1 along with relevant aspects of the history of geology, biology, and astronomy, providing a thorough context for the debate.

O’Keefe encourages a partnership between reason and faith, arguing for the serious consideration of a creator beyond the post-Enlightenment scientific and philosophical frameworks. His arguments are drawn from diverse sources, including scientific methods applied to natural history, legal perspectives on the controversy, and philosophical insights from notable figures like C. S. Lewis.

The workbook provides an extensive analysis, including questions specific to each chapter of the main book, an answer key, and a special section called “Challenges of the Skeptic.” This section addresses common skeptic challenges to belief and offers well-reasoned replies, fostering a critical examination of both naturalism and creationism. The questions are arranged by chapter and consist of true or false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and essay type.

Some questions have also been added as discussion questions. This workbook further contains exercises and activities to reinforce its viewpoints further. O’Keefe’s analysis leads to the realization that to acquire knowledge about the origin, there is also a need to learn the origin of knowledge.

Gaining the High Ground Over Evolutionism (Workbook) is believed to be a worthwhile resource for those seeking to challenge evolutionary theory from a creationist perspective. Obtain copies of the main book along with this workbook at

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