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Co-founders Morgan and Lee

Co-founders Morgan and Lee

Morgan and Moore are Providing Equity in the Alternative Hair Space for Women Suffering from Medical Hair Loss.

We are doing so much more than selling a wig; we are empowering women to embrace life’s challenges and move forward with dignity and self-assurance!”

— Co-founders Leeina Hoff and Morgan Moore

VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Over 6.8 million Americans are currently living with some form of Alopecia (hair loss), with women accounting for approximately 50% of the total cases. Alopecia has many causes, including autoimmune disorders, genetics, and specific cancer treatments. Although Alopecia doesn’t typically affect your physical health, the emotional toll it takes cannot be underestimated. Women with Alopecia have reported that they feel depressed, isolated, embarrassed, and have a fear that others may find out that they have no hair or are wearing a wig. Many women with Alopecia can suffer a massive blow to their self-esteem, and some choose to find a wig to help restore normalcy and confidence…but all wigs are not created equal.

The truth is women with Alopecia who chose to wear a wig Do NOT want to look or feel like they have a wig on! Several factors play a crucial role in wigs’ overall realistic appearance and comfort. Although many wigs are on the market, most marketed to women with Alopecia are available in straight hair patterns and do not consider the wavy, curly, or kinky hair communities.

Studies show that the demand for customized wigs that cater to every texture has escalated, with 78% of individuals with Alopecia expressing a desire for personalized solutions that match their natural hair type. Additionally, the average wig on the market comes with a standard-size cap that may be ill-fitting for those with little to no bio hair. These caps can also be manufactured with materials that can be itchy or irritating to the scalp. For women with Alopecia, this can be a great concern.

While wigs can be worn for cosmetic reasons, Cranial Prostheses are manufactured specifically for those with medical hair loss and can be partially or fully covered by health insurance.

The Certified Nurse Practitioner and Licensed Cosmetologist duo at Morgan & Moore NON-SURGICAL Hair Replacement are at the forefront of revolutionizing the wig industry, offering a diverse range of customizable Cranial Prostheses specifically designed for EVERY woman with medical hair loss. Morgan & Moore offers Cranial Prostheses made from the highest grade 100% human hair in various textures, wave patterns, and thicknesses (density). Each Cranial Prothesis cap is breathable and can be constructed with non-slip silicone strips and tabs for those with little to no bio hair for increased security.

Many wig boutiques, salons, and beauty supply stores do not accept payments from insurance companies to purchase their wigs. Thankfully, this is not the case at Morgan & Moore. Their dedicated team guides each client through the entire insurance coverage journey: verifying clients’ benefits, filing insurance claims, and providing the necessary documents for reimbursement for their Cranial Prosthesis.

Morgan & Moore offers discreet consultations and private appointments. During a styling appointment, a Hair Replacement Specialist installs and styles the Cranial Prosthesis, ensuring proper fit and a realistic result that leaves clients feeling more like themselves. Morgan &Moore co-founders reflect, “We are doing so much more than selling a wig; we are empowering women to embrace life’s challenges and move forward with dignity and self-assurance!”

With their extensive expertise and commitment to meeting individual needs, Morgan & Moore is dedicated to empowering women to feel beautiful, confident, and stylish, regardless of their hair loss circumstances.

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