Producer Erick Torres, Producer Nic Huffman, Leon Logothetis & Executive Producer Chris Phillips

A Soul-Stirring Journey For Mental Well-Being Captivates Audiences With Universally Inspiring Message Of Hope

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, USA, May 6, 2024 / — The Kindness Within, a soul-stirring documentary following the inspiring journey of Leon Logothetis, The Kindness Guy, to find mental well-being, clinched the top honors at the esteemed Beverly Hills Film Festival® Awards Night Gala. The film was bestowed with the Golden Palm Award and recognized as the Best Documentary on Sunday, May 5, at The Hollywood Roosevelt.

The Golden Palm Award, the pinnacle accolade encompassing all categories, is a testament to the film’s mastery of cinematic art, storytelling, and its profound human narrative. “This film shines a light on the darkness that is destroying the world through the lack of faith and dependence on social media,” expressed Frederico Lapenda, President of the Beverly Hills Film Festival® Grand Jury. “It is truly transformational and life changing.”

Accompanying Lapenda, the 2024 Jury consisted of industry masters and veterans of their craft, including three Oscar winners and six members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts. The Jury was comprised of Sciences of Executive Director of the Pico Youth and Family Center Alex Aldana; Senior Vice President of Marketing, Distribution and Publicity at IDC, a Lionsgate Company, Roberta Augusto; Film Director and Storyboard Artist Joel Crawford; Actor, Writer and Producer Brian Currie; Award-Winning Filmmaker and Technologist Brett Leonard; Film Producer Richard Fischoff; Producer Gary Shapiro; Oscar-Winning Producer and Director Arnold Schwartzman; Director and Producer Nate Thomas; and American Screenwriter and Film Producer Ron Bass.

“This film resonates deeply as a beacon of hope,” shares Leon. “We’ve all experienced moments of despair. Sometimes, a film touches our lives, reigniting our spirits and inspiring us to believe again. That is what I wanted to create, a film that could truly inspire hope.”

The captivating narrative chronicles Leon’s journey to India as he embarks on a quest for self-discovery and healing. Audiences are transported alongside Leon as he immerses himself in diverse practices and philosophies to overcome deep-rooted personal crises and find fulfillment. From the banks of the Ganges to serene Himalayan monasteries, Leon encounters spiritual leaders, helpers of humanity, and even the universe, or as some people call it, God, guiding him towards a deeper understanding of kindness, love, and purpose.

Featuring voices of wisdom including world-renowned spiritual leader Sadhguru, addiction expert Dr. Gabor Maté, bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch, motivational speaker Yasmin Mogahed, and other luminaries such as Mike Dooley, Kute Blackson, Richard Rohr, SadhviJi, and Inni Kaur, The Kindness Within engages viewers with a tapestry of cultures and ideas as steps to mental freedom.

The Kindness Within is a call to action for audiences to embrace their own journey of self-discovery, to confront fears, and to peel away the layers of conditioning that obscure our true selves. It is a reminder that love, purpose, and belonging can be found within and through service to each other.

The Kindness Within (2024) is a production of Winston Entertainment, directed by Steven Priovolos, and is written by Alfa Pagidas and Leon Logothetis. Executive Producers include Chris Philip, Will Allen, and Leon Logothetis. Produced by Erick Torres and Betsy Chasse, with cinematography by Steven Priovolos, editing by Michael Courtney, and music by Dimiter Yordanov. Starlings Television and Propagate International are distributing the project worldwide.

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Lauren Vultee