Gregg Sharp and Curtis Elerson

Producers Gregg Sharp and Curtis Elerson now producing GOT U

Gregg Sharp Producer on the Born2 Hustle set

Gregg Sharp Producer

Deshon actress

Deshon Gray landing an outstanding leading role

Chris Moss

Actor Chris Moss landing the lead male role

After long hours of production and on-set running, GOT U wrapped production on July 3 right before the Holiday and has now moved into Post Production

Deshon, stepped up and into her role for this movie and absolutely crushed it”

— Executive Producer/Partner Curtis Elerson

HOLLYWOOD , LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES , August 4, 2023/ — The psychological thriller starring Chris Moss and new to the leading role position Deshon Gray, pits two unusual acquaintances back together many years past high school with a plot that promise to keep the audience entertained.

Curtis Elerson Executive Producer beamed when talking about her role. “She brings a new dimension to “Disturbed Characters”.

Director Glenn Broadus chimed in “Chris Moss was also a pleasure to work with and showed his professionalism on set with the highest degree of preparedness and a passion for the role”.

Executive Producer/Partner Gregg Sharp was absent on set while filming the World Series of Armwrestling across the US but was able to be reached for a comment, “Curtis and I communicated daily while I was away and I can tell you that from listening to him describe the daily wrap ups, we have more than just a movie on our hands”.

Elerson and Sharp have moved the project to editing and they are looking for a relatively quick turnaround to get this out. Both men have been working hand in hand in producing multiple high-level projects like Born2Hustle that will be out soon.

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