The Sisters of the Valley Announce Their Internship Program

Three weed-nuns tending their plants in the California sun.

The sisters of the valley tending their weed plants on the farm in California.

Three weed-nuns in the kitchen at the lab bench where the mushroom coffee is mixed and packaged.

The new intern is being shown around the farm by Sister Halla and Sister Kass

sisters of the valley, the california weednuns

Today the Sisters announced the hosting of their first intern.

On a mission to heal the world with plant-based medicine.”

— Sister Kate

MERCED, CA, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2023/ — The launch of a formal internship program happened at the Sisters of the Valley farm this week with the arrival of their first intern. “We’ve been short-handed on the farm in the central valley of California since Sister Maria went back to New Zealand and another sister left for Mexico at the beginning of Q2,” said Sister Halla. “We welcome the extra hands and are happy to share our practices and processes.”

The Sisters selected their first apprentice from among those who have joined the fellowship program and submitted their qualifications. Patreon hosts the Sisters’ fellowship program, where interested parties can download a book of customs and submit answers to a questionnaire. This is where the sisters exchange information with people around the world interested in participating in some way. They refer to it as the place where the handshake happens.

The Sisters launched the fellowship program during the pandemic.

In early April of this year, when two rooms suddenly became available, they listed them on Airbnb and received an unenthusiastic response. “I think the Goddess was protecting us, because, frankly, we didn’t want the intrusion. And though that didn’t work, the internship program is already working,” reports Sister Halla.

Diana, the Sisters’ first intern, age 32, arrived this week from Toronto, Canada. She is the daughter of parents who immigrated to Canada from India when they were young and newly married. Diana has worked for a number of dispensaries in her province as a budtender, with relevant experience to bring to the internship.

The novitiate program spans three months, provides room and board in exchange for work and learning opportunities and is available only to those who join the fellowship program.

While the intern is engaged in routine chores that support the operations of the home and farm, they also participate in learning the agricultural aspects, the medicine-mixing, packaging, shipping, and the spiritual practices surrounding everything the Sisters’ do. The Sisters have developed their own competency patches that can be earned as each task is mastered.

To apply to the fellowship program, it is only necessary to pay five dollars and join for one month. Sister Kass explained, “If you make the handshake information exchange happen in that one month, you can cancel after thirty days, keeping the application cost at five dollars, but we keep your information on file and consider all applicants, no matter when they submitted their information.”

Intern (novitiate) Diana arrived from Canada late Friday and began work on Monday morning. She is a welcome set of hands to the farm.

Said Diana of her arrival, “I have been following the Sisters for a long time now, their customs resonated with me. When an opening became available, I jumped at the opportunity to come here.” She added frankly, “I have a long-term desire to see a Sisterhood grow in Canada.”

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