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Images from Sub-Zero Extracts’ operations in Colorado

Three of the most popular products include the topical salve, the gelcaps and the sprays

The Sisters make all their products by hand and by the cycles of the moon.

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The purple-veiled woman looking up at the purple moon is the logo of the Sisterhood.

Sisters of the Valley (California) and Sub-Zero Extracts (Colorado) Announce Their Seven-Year Anniversary of Working Together on a Common Mission

Dexter and his team at Sub-Zero Extracts have been crucial to the development of our products and to the solid reputation we now have with our customers.”

— Sister Kate

MERCED, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 24, 2023/ — The Sisters of the Valley (in California) and Sub-Zero Extracts (in Colorado) announce that this month marks their seven-year anniversary of working together on the common mission of getting the cannabis plant medicine safely and reliably to the people.

When the Sisters began, they struggled to maintain the same potency from batch to batch. They turned to Dexter Rice and his team at Sub-Zero Extracts in Colorado to help formulate organic hemp concentrates that could be added to their recipes to reliably meet the target potency.

“Working with Sub-Zero Extracts effectively bridged the gap between what we advertise and expect in potency — and what mother nature sometimes served us,” explains Sister Kate, “When we say there is 1,000 mg of CBD in our large salve, although there is some inevitable variance, it must have that minimum amount.”

The Sisters only make products that are considered to be hemp because they are devoid of any meaningful amount of THC. The Sisters ship their products safely across borders because of the non-psychotropic nature of their products.

Since the fortuitous meeting seven years ago, the synergy between The Sisters and Sub-Zero has blossomed into a variety of efficacious products.

Sub-Zero began producing gelcaps for the Sisters, launching three different formulas aimed at addressing pain relief, health resilience, and sleep. In the last year, the gelatin gelcap casings were phased out for plant-based vegan casings. During the pandemic, as soon as science was available about how raw cannabinoids (CBDa and CBGa, specifically) can help boost resilience to viruses like Covid, Sub-Zero worked with The Sisters to develop a CBD plus gelcap and oil containing those raw compounds.

“None of us have had an easy journey in this industry,” said Dexter Rice, founder of Sub-Zero Extracts, “many businesses have come and gone, so we really value the long-term partnerships that allow us to consistently achieve our mission of helping people with this amazing plant. The Sisters are our longest-running customer and we are very proud of the work we have done together.”

Sub-Zero began its hemp breeding program in 2014 and acquired its Colorado Farm in 2015, which became certified organic in 2016. The Sisters of the Valley was formed in January of 2015 and the women settled on their farm in the central valley of California in 2016.

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